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How to choose a good Hair Dryer?

Hair dryer is a product that needs to be carefully considered when purchasing for hair health. However, we often fail to make the right choice because we don’t know how to choose or because we think price-oriented.

Voltage Range

A High Voltage hair dryer always provides more wind power. In this way, we can shape our hair in a short time without exposing it to high heat.

Remember, low voltage always means high heat. This is not a good situation for our hair health.
Celebrity Hair Stylist Kristin Ess recommends using a hairdryer between 1800 and 2300 W for the selection of voltage.

Multiple Speed ​​and Temperature Settings

Make sure that there is always multiple speed and multiple temperature settings in the hair dryer.
The temperature setting that you can adjust according to your hair style is very important for your hair health and for you to style your hair easily.

You will get better results with high temperature / high speed for thick and dense hair. However, low temperature / low speed will be more suitable for thin and brittle hair.

Cold Blowing Feature

Another feature you should pay attention to is whether the hair dryer has a cold blowing feature. It will be more efficient to use this feature to adjust your style or curls when your hair is 80% dry.
If your hair is thick and curled, check if the hair dryer you prefer is ionic or tourmaline. Hair dryers containing ionic or tourmaline provide faster drying performance and release negative ions that help break down water drops in your hair. Also, if you choose a blow dryer with this feature, your hair is less likely to swell after drying your hair.

Let’s explain what you are wondering about tourmaline since the beginning of the article. Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal that provides the most intense ionic mobility. When we consider the prices, hair dryers containing tourmaline are one click more expensive than other machines. However, if you have excessively thick or curled hair, a hair dryer with tourmaline may be the right choice.

If your hair is dry or thin, choose ceramic or porcelain coated hair dryers. Ceramic or porcelain coated hair dryers may be the right choice for thin and dry hair since they are less stiff. In addition, we can say that. If you do not know how your hair type is or if you do not know what type of hair dryer to buy, you can choose machines with porcelain or ceramic coating. In short, we can say that porcelain coated machines fit well with all types of hair.

If your hair is too long, prefer titanium-containing hair dryers. The most important feature of titanium-containing hair dryers is air blowing at equal temperature. It may not be a good choice for fine or damaged hair as it gets very hot. However, if your hair is long or thick, titanium-containing dryers may be the right choice as they will reduce the drying time and dry quickly.

At first glance, it may seem unnecessary and minor detail. However, it is important to consider the weight of a hair dryer. Machines with lighter weight will provide more comfortable handling while drying your hair. If you want to have a comfortable hair drying experience, you can choose a machine weighing 454 grams. This is one of the most ideal weights.

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