Saturday, March 6, 2021

What should be considered when buying GLASSES?


▼ For better visibility, the quality of the glass before the frame is very important.

▼ It is necessary to pay attention to the light transmittance and ultraviolet rays of the glass.

▼ Coatings is another important point. Anti-reflective products, ie artificial light reflecting glasses should be preferred.

▼ It should be paid attention that the channel passages should be wide in the glass that will be preferred in the distance and close together.

▼ Do not just focus on the frame, it is very important to question the brand and quality in the glass.

▼ Varnishes that are harmful to health can be used in a very cheap framework. Frames manufactured to a certain standard should be preferred.


Take the sunglasses from the Ministry of Health detected opticians.

● Always use ultraviolet-cutting sunglasses.

● The concept of glasses must be polarized is not correct. For example, pilots do not use polarized because they cannot see the screen, but this does not mean that the glasses are of poor quality.

● Polarized goggles are used in snowy areas and places with reflection such as the sea. The aim is to prevent light from reflecting on the glossy surface and penetrating into the eye.

● Photochromic properties darken spontaneously when exposed to the sun, indoors the color of the light. This doesn’t tire your pupil.

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