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What should be considered when buying GAME COMPUTER?

10 years ago, when the word “gaming computer” was mentioned, the users mostly thought of desktop systems. However, this changed considerably with the spread of laptops. Today, laptops can easily confront desktop systems with their performance and technological equipment. In fact, in some ways they can say that they are much more preferable.
One of the most important elements of laptop gamers is screen size and technology. The screen size directly determines the size of the case, so it directly affects the size and weight of the computer. A computer with a 15 or 17 inch screen would be a much more portable model. For even larger screen devices, the price will increase dramatically and the portability will decrease.
However, the display not only affects price and portability, but also directly affects the enjoyment of games on a player’s computer. The technology of the display panel also determines how fast and quality the games will run. For example, the use of a relatively old technology panel with a screen refresh rate of 60 Hz providing only 1080p resolution can make the price of the computer quite affordable. However, it is certainly not enough for you to see especially modern games on screen.
The screen refresh rate is measured in hertz / second (Hz / s) and indicates the number of times the screen image is refreshed in one second. On a 60 Hz monitor, up to 60 different images are projected onto the screen in succession each second. This means that no matter how strong your graphics card is, the number of images you can see is limited to 60 frames. Therefore, it is preferable that the screen refresh rate on a player’s computer is also high, so that the game can be displayed smoothly on the screen.
Therefore, when selecting a “player computer sadece, it is meaningless to look only at the power of the graphics card inside it. The display panel used must also be capable of showing you the images provided by that video card. Although 1080p is still a current resolution, 60 Hz is insufficient for games when it comes to refresh. In this context, devices with a refresh rate of 120 or 144 Hz can be browsed.
You may also want to see some new technologies on your computer other than resolution and screen refresh rate. For example, AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technologies have been developed to correct various tears and snags that may appear on the screen during games. It’s nice to see the G-Sync tag on a player computer that comes with the Nvidia graphics processor.
In the design of modern gaming computers, plastic and aluminum materials are often used together. Both materials have advantages in their own right. Plastic material is easier to process, affordable and flexible. Aluminum alloy is more expensive, but lighter and more robust, making it easier to dissipate heat. It is necessary to remember that the key word is heat.
The heat generated in a well-designed player computer can be evacuated in a way that does not disturb the player by means of specially designed exhaust ports. If you do not feel an uncomfortable temperature in the case at hand and in particular the keyboard, and if you are not disturbed by fan noise during the game, this indicates the presence of a carefully designed cooling system.
Of course, the performance of a player’s computer is also important. But, as always, the important thing to keep in mind here is to maintain a certain balance. It is very important for the performance of the hardware inside the computer that you will buy that complement each other and not create a bottleneck. For example, the processor is very expensive and powerful, but a computer with low RAM capacity will not be easy to run games. Instead of a very high-capacity but very slow-running hard drive, a lower-capacity SSD will work better. This balance is essential when looking at the player’s hardware list.
Parts such as the main processor and graphics chip used on a player computer have a direct impact on the product price. In this case, the stability of the equipment becomes even more important. Because if you don’t have an unlimited budget, you won’t be able to choose a model that’s full of top-level parts. So when choosing, what kind of games you like to play will gain importance. For example, if you like multiplayer games, you don’t need a high-end computer.
One of the elements that are ignored when selecting a computer is connection options and ports. Most of the time, users focus on elements such as the processor or graphics card, the computer’s wireless internet connection technology or the number of USB ports, such as the details are overlooked. However, these details can make the player’s life very difficult in use.
It is not easy to find a LAN port on today’s laptops. While manufacturers strive to keep the crates as thin as possible, they can choose to skip some important details such as the LAN port. However, it is still best to connect with a LAN cable to run multiplayer games over the internet. If the computer you have purchased does not have a LAN port, then you need to make sure that at least a current and fast Wi-Fi connection technology is used. Especially with the advent of the Wi-Fi 6 standard, establishing a balanced wireless internet connection will be much easier and safer. Of course, the device you’re buying should support the new technologies.
Another technology that is as important to gamers as Wi-Fi is Bluetooth. With Bluetooth you will be able to use important accessories such as a headset. However, there are different versions of it, and the most up-to-date version of the Bluetooth 5 is the most stable and good. Older versions will be much slower and will not provide the desired performance.
Of course, the physical ports on the device are as important as the wireless connections. The VGA port is no longer important as it is a very old technology. However, if you plan to connect the computer to a larger screen monitor or television, the graphics connection ports such as HDMI or DisplayPort will also be important.
The number of USB ports is very important for data transfer and storage. If the number of USB ports is small, you may find yourself searching for a port multiplexer. Ports with current standards, such as USB 3.2 Gen 2 and 3.2 Gen 2, will affect the speed of your storage devices. While the size of modern games often exceeds 20-30 GB, it is not good to find yourself transferring files at a low speed of the USB 2.0 port.
you need to make sure that your new laptop’s keyboard is also suitable for gaming. In addition to having slightly higher keys, gaming keyboards must also have technologies such as Anti-Ghosting. Such technologies make it possible to both press the speed of the key and error-free press of more than one key at the same time.

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