Monday, August 2, 2021

What should be considered when buying FORKLIFT?

First of all, you have to determine your work area, indoor area, outdoor area, hard ground, such as bad ground. If you are going to work indoors and if the ventilation of the area is not sufficient, you should look at the battery powered forklift models, if you are going to work in an open area or in a place with adequate ventilation, you should look at diesel forklift models and 4×4 off-road forklift models in rough ground areas.
The other issue is that you should determine the maximum load that is planned to lift the tonnage and choose the top model of it, that is, if your heaviest load is 2 tons, your choice should be a 3-ton capacity forklift. The choice of tires, the choice of tires is very important in the choice of forklifts, as the forklifts do not have shock absorbers, flat tires should be preferred on flat surfaces, and on the uneven surfaces the use of pneumatic tires would be a more correct choice.
They are usually supplied with pneumatic tires, which can be replaced with solid tires of the same size. You can choose according to the working intensity, you can choose how many hours you will use the forklift i. If you need to use very heavy forklift, you can choose German manufactured forklift models. if you work 8 hours in one shift. You can use your choice for a forklift made in China. In the recent years, Chinese models have improved their quality considerably and you can buy a guaranteed forklift from a good company.
Lift Selection, Lift options in Forklifts are between 3 meters and 6 meters If you need a height of more than 6 meters, you should look at narrow aisle forklifts. In standard forklifts, the lift feature varies according to their height and free lift characteristics. these models also lifts from the top of the elevator as it rises and creates a risk of touching the ceiling, this will prevent you from working in the container or between the floor, if you are going to use the truck in a container loading or a warehouse with a low ceiling height triplex models with a lift feature of 4.5 meters with free lift The forks of your forklift will not protrude up to a certain distance. In this way, you can work in the container without the risk of touching the ceiling, there is a half piston in the middle of the triplex elevators, which is a piston that gives free lift feature, the disadvantage of this piston is that it prevents the user from sight.
There are several different standards such as fork length, forklift forks 1070mm, 1220mm, ideal of these standards are 1220mm. you can use it, so you can use the short according to the need according to the need. Side shift, forklift shift has recently become standard on almost all forklift models, which provides a great advantage when maneuvering in use, you can achieve perfect stacking without having to maneuver the material slightly.

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