Monday, August 2, 2021

What should be considered when buying fish?

Fresh fish’s eyes are bright and dished outwards. When the fish begins to lose its freshness, its eyes start to fog and then collapse inward.

Fresh fish’s skin becomes taut and shiny. As the flaky fish start to stale, the shine of the skin decreases, especially the abdominal skin is crumpled. However, the brightness does not indicate that the fish is fresh. Because the fish on the counter are constantly sprinkled with water, they may look bright. When the fresh fish is touched with a finger, the depressions immediately correct. However, this trace remains in stale fish.

Fresh fish gills are vivid red. This color changes as the fish stale. However, we should remind you that some fishermen paint the gills with red ink. Even though many people think that the red liquid flowing down the gills is actually blood. You should never buy fish from a counter that applies to such a scam.

Holding the fresh fish from the head and lift the tail stops. When the stale fish lifts in the same way, the tail hangs down.

Scales of scales are attached to the body when fresh. The scales should not come out when rubbing your hand from head to tail.

Fresh fish is almost odorless. When fish starts to stale, it starts to emit acid smell.

The tail of fresh fish is curved upwards.

Why should you buy fish from where you trust?

In some businesses, the gills can be painted with food coloring to keep the fish looking fresh.

Large fish can be swallowed small fish or lead lead to increase the weight.

It can be kept in a carbonate-salt duo to get the skin and eye shine.

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