Saturday, March 6, 2021

How to choose a good Extinguisher?

While determining the prices of fire extinguishers, the quality of fire extinguishers comes to the fore. The most important factor that determines the quality here is the dust put into the fire extinguishers.
When buying a fire extinguisher in your workplace, home, car or just filling it, you are making a mistake if you first pay attention to the price and determine your decision only on the price. The extinguisher placed in the extinguisher you will buy may be filled with a material that will leave you in difficult situations during a fire. In order to get rid of this situation, when purchasing a fire extinguisher, you must learn the brand and map rate of the powder it claims to have put in the company.
When buying a fire extinguisher, it should first be decided where the tube will be used. While doing this process, the question of where to put the fire extinguisher tube and what are the possible fire types will come to mind. The type of your fire extinguisher tube will be determined based on your answers to these questions.
The extinguishing powers and extinguishing speeds of the fire extinguisher powders are measured by the manoammonium phosphate values ​​contained in them, briefly called the map ratio. Map rates vary from 20% to 40% to 90% to 91%. These rates show some sort of quality of the extinguisher.
It is necessary to find the right company for the right fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, non-standard, inappropriate products are made in a part of the fire extinguishing device sector. For example, limestone, marble powder, chalk powder, etc., which do not have the characteristics of dry chemical powder inside the devices. Such items can be charged. Since these non-standard fire extinguishers under the stairs make it impossible to intervene in case of fire, they can have very serious consequences. It poses a great danger for both responders and victims of fire.

Ask for these documents when purchasing a Fire Extinguisher Examine the device

1) Authorization certificate regarding the periodic inspection and maintenance received from the relevant Ministry

2) Authority according to ISO TS 11602-2 standard

3) Laboratory result of 90% MAP (mono ammonium phosphate) used in dry chemical powders.

4) MAP (mono ammonium phosphate) Safety Data Sheet

5) Tubes are pressure vessels. EC Type conformity and test results issued by the notified body from the manufacturer of the pressure vessel. Knitting: CE 0062 numbered notifications.

6) There must be at least 4 years between the first filling and the last filling on the tubes.

7) Fire extinguishers with dry chemical content should be sprayed for at least 20 seconds after touching the trigger.

8) Manometers of the tubes to be purchased should be checked. The pressure in the tube manometers should be in the green hand and around 18 bar.

9) EN 862-3 and CE cold stamp, year of manufacture, serial number, full and empty weight of the tube, short name and registered trademark of the manufacturer and original label of the factory must be found on the top or bottom of the tube. Authorized company can stick its label on it

10) There should be no abrasion, bumps or rust anywhere in the tubes.

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