Friday, September 24, 2021

How to choose a good Egg?

How do we distinguish natural fattening eggs from mass production eggs?

Since natural breeding eggs and other eggs are produced using the same breed chickens, they are very similar in terms of egg shell color and structure. You can distinguish the eggs of these chickens, whose breeding conditions are completely different, only by taste. You will find that the natural beef egg is much tastier.

Regardless of what type of egg you buy, be sure to keep it in a cool place, not to crack, to the stiffness and strength of its shell, as well as its cardboard box!


What should we pay attention to when buying eggs!

First of all, it should be checked whether there is quality class, expiration date and spawning date on the box.

Care should be taken to ensure that it is carefully placed in its box and that there are no broken or cracked eggs.

It should be remembered that even if an egg is cracked, it can infect other eggs.

Care should be taken to ensure that the shell does not contain feces, fluff or dirt.

The shelled egg should be kept at low temperature. That’s why we need to make sure that the egg we buy is kept at 12 degrees Celsius and below.

The viscosity of the egg white of the stale egg decreases and therefore when we break the egg, yellow and white mix.

The air gap grows and its structure becomes light, it floats when we throw it into the water.

The protein structure deteriorates as it stays, the amount of hydrogen sulphide and ammonia increases, and the egg starts to smell bad. The shell color of stinky eggs turns gray.

When we break the egg, abnormalities such as meat and blood stains should not be present.

If the egg is kept at room temperature, it will lose its freshness over time so it should be stored at refrigerator temperature. Also, eggs standing at room temperature outside in markets or grocery stores should never be purchased.

The dirt on the egg cannot be removed by washing, but only a part of it can be removed using disinfectant. For this reason, we should not wash the egg, otherwise the dirt outside may enter the small pores on the egg and infect the egg. However, you can wash and consume just before consuming it.


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