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How to choose a good Drone?

1. For What Purpose Will You Fly Drone?

You may want to take pictures or videos with an integrated or retrofitted camera as well as those who fly the drone for entertainment purposes only. Or you can participate in drone races, which are now becoming a sports branch. The drone you will purchase for each has different features. Let’s summarize briefly:

For fun: If you are just getting a drone to have a fun time like flying a kite, you can choose models that do not include an integrated camera, and whose spare parts are cheap and easily accessible. Models such as Hubsan X4, Syma X5HC or Syma X8G are among the most affordable options for this purpose.

For photography or video shooting: Photo and video shooting, which is the purpose of the majority of drone users, makes this category the largest class. The most important issue here is that you should choose a model that has a built-in GPS system, so it can return to itself. DJI Spark or Phantom 3 Standard, Yuneec Typhoon H or Autel X-Star are some of the models you can buy for this purpose.

For drone races: If you are going to buy a drone for such a purpose, you have probably blown enough drone before, and you are the foundation. Devices that can fly at very high speeds such as TBS Vendetta, ImmersionRC Vortex 285, and highly maneuverable are ideal for you.

2. Flight Time and Battery Life

It’s actually the same because a drone can stay in the air for the life of its battery. The flight time of the models on the market generally varies between 7-50 minutes, and as the price increases, the flight time also increases. You should definitely compare the flight times between the drone models you can choose according to your usage purpose.

3. Pilot Level and Skills

In the previous article, we mentioned that using drone requires experience and knowledge. Unfortunately, the drone is not a product that can be bought by saying “Let me get a little big, I wear it next year.” Considering that beginners and novices often drop and crash the device, it will be in vain to buy a drone far beyond your competencies. For example, Cheerson CX-10 or Blade Nano QX are ideal starting devices due to their ease of use.

4. Integrated GPS

Although GPS is a part that is not available on all drone models, it provides a significant convenience to the user. The GPS integrated drone models, which can go to the defined coordinates without any additional intervention and then return, are ideal for users at the beginner level, and appeal to users of all levels in order to bring back the device in the sky.

5. Integrated Camera

Initially, the camera was used only on expensive drone models, now available at almost any price level. The resolution of the camera, of course, affects the price. If you do not plan to take pictures or videos with the drone, models with a low resolution camera will provide an important price advantage.

6. Control Panel, Transmitter

We talked about what the transmitter is in What You Should Know Before Buying a Drone. The transmitter that you send the commands to maneuver the device consists of two analog sticks. A control panel that works with telemetry, in other words, where you can see instant flight information, will not only provide an easy but also fun flight experience.

7. Budget

We have stated that drone prices are very affordable now, but there is another important issue that you should pay attention to when determining the budget. Let’s say you allocated 100$ for this job, you looked at the models at that level and you liked and bought one. Good luck … But the job doesn’t stay there. You will want a spare battery, you will want a fast charger, you will consider buying a spare propeller, etc … So we suggest you; No matter what budget you buy for drone, choose among the models that are slightly lower than the budget you set. So you can have enough money for spare parts.

8. Drone Communities

Finally, the suggestion we want to give is not about the model or brand you will choose. For what purpose and what kind of drone you buy, being a member of a drone community will enable you to get everything you wonder about, any help you may need, from other users like you. You can even share your own knowledge. If you think that these devices are not as common as other electronic products, but are just beginning to enter the market, the benefits of such a community are enormous. Www.phantompilots.com is a good example of these sites, which can be shared not only with technical information about devices, but also with laws.

Source: https://www.fiyatimbu.com

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