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How to choose a good Drill?

Drills are among the hand tools that make life easier in professional construction works, simple renovations at home and hobby works, or drilling or expanding the existing hole. It is possible to find drills with such a wide range of applications in the market, with and without impact, electric and cordless. As the variety of products for the need in drills increases, it becomes difficult to choose.

Why should you buy a hammer drill?

Impact drills have impact mechanism. This is a feature that facilitates the drilling process by applying impact to the material with back and forth movement besides the rolling function while working. If the ground on which you are going to drill is a durable concrete or metal material, you can choose a hammer drill. It is possible to find hammer drill variants with different wattage, which can be used both in professional works and simple renovations at home. For example; You can perform the most difficult screwing and drilling applications in wood and metal with a hammer drill capable of 1800 revolutions per minute with 36 V battery voltage and 27,000 pulses per minute. Or you can easily perform simple breaking, drilling and screwing work in your home with an impact drill that can apply 5,000 pulses at 900 revolutions per minute with 18 V battery voltage.

Why should you buy a drill without impact?

Non-impact drills turn and drill, do not apply impact. However, you can also drill and screw in a durable stone wall or metal material with a high-speed impact drill. You can get high efficiency in your work in wood and metal with a non-impact drill that can make 1300 revolutions per minute, and with a non-impact drill that can make 3800 revolutions per minute.

You can choose your non-impact drill, which is often used for simple drilling and screwdriving jobs in homes, taking into account the speed of the device and the torque levels.

Should the drill be cordless or electric?

The only difference between electric and cordless drills is the use of electric tools with electrical connection, the use of cordless tools by charging. Cordless hand tools are more useful as they can be used without the need for plug and cable. The cordless drills with LED light feature provide you with convenience in completing your work in case of power cuts or in working environments where electrical disconnection is required. Since the batteries of the cordless drills are designed to last for a long time, your renovation works will not be incomplete. If you prefer the use of electricity instead of following the battery, you can choose electric impact or impact drills, and if you want to provide a practical use, you can choose cordless impact or impact drills.

If you have a wall or concrete drilling job, you should choose a hammer machine. You can use all impact machines in impact-free mode, and no matter whether your machine is impact or impact-free, you can do screwing jobs in impact-free mode with this bit adapter, which you can find in almost any hardware store. Let’s also say that; this is the hammer drill, this is the pneumatic hammer drill you see.

Yes, we will buy a drill that we will use in our housework. How can we get something? We do not recommend an impact-free machine for home users, it is best for the home user to buy a hammer drill due to the possibility of your wall drilling work.

Drills are not only used for drilling and screwdriving jobs. You can also sand with any drill and punch in the hole with punches. The simplest example; If you are going to sand, engine power should be over 900 watts. The engine power range is clear due to the work that will tire the machine like this and so on. You can find various drills from 500 watt motor power to 1500 watt motor power. We recommend that the drill, which you can use in amateur, household work, should be in the range of at least 500 or 800 watts. You can sand and drill holes with drills in this range of engine power, but you will use the machine you bought in jobs that intensely work, we recommend a machine of 900 watts and above.

We call the chuck to the part where the ends of the machine are installed. These chucks are usually 13 mm. 13 mm is ideal for your basic work. There are two types of chuck in the drills: keyed and keyless type. For keyed chuck you need to keep the key with you to tighten the bit. There is no such requirement in keyless chucks. Therefore, our advice is to choose keyless chuck drills.

The speed setting in drills can be adjusted both by this small button on the trigger and by the force you apply to the trigger. Machines with speed adjustment by pressing the trigger are more preferred, but again, the choice is up to you.

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