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What should be considered when choosing a Diaper?

These are features such as the cloth to be taken to protect the baby’s skin, the comfort of the baby, the capacity of the diaper to absorb the wetness, the dimensions, the flexibility and usability of the bands on the diaper, optionally, there are various figures and patterns on the diapers that may attract the attention of the baby.

After mothers and fathers decide which of these features are suitable for their baby, they can choose the most suitable diaper for their baby by trial and error. Although diapers seem like there is not much difference between them, they actually have big differences in terms of features. For mothers who keep the comfort and peace of their babies above all else, there are various types of diapers with barriers that prevent leakage, where babies are dry even under long use and provide ease of movement. Diaper prices also depend on whether all these features are available in the diaper. The diaper prices in many grocery stores that make it difficult for the baby to move and are not comfortable for the baby are low.

The biggest problem of expectant parents is the diaper again. New born diapers are generally recommended to parents who start stocking diapers before birth. This is the right choice. However, the point that should not be forgotten is the speed of development of babies. Babies develop so fast that they can pass to the next diaper size in a short time. Therefore, the newborn diaper should not be stocked in high quantities.

How Do I Find The Right Diaper?

The numbers in the diapers are there so that you can buy the most suitable diaper for your baby. You can understand the numbers on the diaper that suits your baby’s weight. As in the example below;

No. 1 diaper – 2-5 kg

Cloth number 2 – 3-6 kg

Number 3 cloth – 4-9 kg

Number 4 cloth – 7-19 kg

4 + numbered cloth – 9-20 kg

Number 5 cloth – 11-25 kg

Gender factor.

The main factor to be considered in the diaper selection is the gender factor. Since the area where the toilet spreads is not the same for the girl and the man, cloth designs are made by taking this into consideration. Thus, the main area where the toilet is made is turned into focus and the suction power of that area is further increased.

Pay attention to suction power performance.

The high suction performance of the diaper prevents the baby from diaper rash and enables you to use less diapers. This provides an economic advantage. You may have to change the low suction cloths continuously and the cost may increase due to the fast cloth consumption.

Prefer products with air ducts.

Many diaper models have air ducts. However, finding the best in terms of performance is important for your child’s health. In the airless genital area, the temperature rises and irritation occurs accordingly. There is also a risk of bacterial growth.

Take care of the ergonomic design.

Matters such as easy movement of the baby, not falling down the waist, not being too tight or too tight meet the ergonomic features. After finding the diaper suitable for your baby’s weight, also test whether it makes the baby comfortable ergonomically.

Is it colorful and cute?

Don’t worry about what it matters for a diaper. Because babies have a cold fight with the diaper. They do not want to use cloths because they find it more comfortable to be naked. But it is easier for them to adopt cloth with fun figures.

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