Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How to choose Detergent?

What you should know about detergents:

When buying detergent, the first thing to consider is the fabric type of the laundry you will wash. Not all detergents can clean every product. Some detergents may even damage different types of fabrics. When choosing detergent, consider the type of fabric you will wash. Since synthetic, woolen and silk fabrics are sensitive fabrics, you should use detergents suitable for their types when washing these fabrics.

When buying detergent, you should pay attention to whether it is suitable for machine or hand washing. If your hand is touching the detergent, you should choose detergents that will not harm your hand.

Features that detergents should have

* You can understand the quality of the detergent you use from rinsing. A good detergent can always be rinsed easily.

* Even if you wash your laundry in hot or cold water, the detergent you use should not be affected by the temperature of the water. Your detergent should be able to perform the same function at different temperature settings.

* A good detergent should be hard or lime, easily dissolve in any water.

* A quality detergent should be able to break down the oils.

You can understand the ideal detergent only after using it. By trying different detergents, you can finally choose the most suitable one.

Source: evhayat.com

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