Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How to choose a good Date?

According to the statements made by the experts; Glucose, an artificial sugar, is injected into the tasteless and dry dates to sweeten them. Such dates are sold cheaper than other dates. If the ingredients of the date you buy says glucose, never buy this date. This date stays wet on the counter, your hand becomes sticky when you touch it. Our recommendation is to buy dates that are not very shiny.

To understand whether the date is fresh or not; needs to be looked into. If the date is dark inside, it means it is stale. Fresh dates should be light in color. If the purchased date will not be consumed immediately, it should be stored in a cold environment or even in the refrigerator.

Check the stem and choose dates with stems still in place and not shed.

The type of date with the highest fiber rate is Medina Date. The biggest date in terms of size and taste is the Jerusalem date. Tunisian and Iranian dates have low flavor levels and are often treated with glucose and sold for less.

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