Friday, February 26, 2021

How to choose a good Spoon Cutlery Set?

They are the most loyal friend steel products in the kitchen utensils, if chosen correctly and as long as they are used correctly. Our spoon cutlery set comes first among the steel products in our kitchen. If you are going to buy a spoon cutlery set for the first time in your life, or if the set you are not satisfied with, the usage period that I will write shortly may surprise you.

The life of a 18-10 3 mm spoon cutlery set is over a century.

Some brands give a century or a lifetime warranty to the steel products they sell besides spoon cutlery sets. No, I seem to hear you say that. Yes, a good quality metal can be used for centuries. The biggest proof of this is spoon forks or knives dating back centuries in ancient excavations.

So, what do we pay attention to when buying our spoon cutlery set? Now I will ask you to do this. Get up and go to the kitchen and try to bend the first tablespoon or fork without using it too hard. If it is bending, this means a metal of 2 mm or more, and if it is not bending, a metal of 3 mm and up. We will ask the seller of our spoon cutlery set to be 3 mm or thicker metal. If we want to use our friends product much longer, we should buy a set of spoon cutlery made of 18-10 steel. So what is 18-10 steel? 18-10 steel: It is a metal setting consisting of 18% chrome 10% nickel & 72 steel. You may have heard or seen this 18-10 steel in almost any brand, but that doesn’t mean that product is 18-10. It is not hard to understand a spoon cutlery set made of 18-10 steel. Take the spoon or fork, try to bend it without using too hard, if it is not twisted and its color is bright, this is the feature of the spoon cutlery set we are looking for. As a model, spoon cutlery sets are divided into two.

1. Plain models without patterns

2. Patterns with pattern satin or melange coating

I suggest you plain plain pattern models. Because patterned satin coated spoon forks are drawn in the dishwasher and they lose their features. I do not recommend you to wash the knives of the set you will buy in the dishwasher. When washed, brown spots may appear on the handle parts of the blades. Another detail should not be left moist or watery after washing spoon cutlery sets, this may cause blackening or rusting. It is important to rinse after washing. I told you some basic information you need to know when my tongue turns. It is up to you to choose brands and models 🙂 I want to give a last information and end my chat. The best quality steel in the world is German steel.


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