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How to choose a good Curtain?

Here, you will find the things to consider when buying curtains and other information about the curtains. Curtains and tulle, which look like details but are one of the most important elements of a house, are of great importance in the comfort of time spent at home.

You will understand better how important the screen selection is when you read the whole article. We can classify tulle curtains, fabric curtains and mechanical curtains structurally. Mechanical curtains are also called roller blinds, zebra, blinds and vertical curtains.
Things are a bit easier if the fabric curtain is decided. Because what needs to be done is to take measurements only after deciding on the color and model. If mechanical curtain systems are to be preferred, there are issues to be considered.

There are many types of mechanical curtains. One of them is roller blinds. These curtain types can be used as a sunshade under tulle or can be used alone. There are roller blinds in many colors and patterns.

Since the hall is a place where guests are hosted, the selection of the living room curtains will be the most important curtain selection in the house.

Hall-curtain-selection Will tulle be used only according to the amount of sun the hall receives and the visibility of the interior from the outside? Will colorful thick curtains also be used? It is decided whether to use it in the sun visor or not. If there is no problem of appearing inside, only glasses with tulle give modern sports and a spacious hall effect.

If your living room is small or the ceiling height is low, it will be appropriate to choose solid color curtains, so that the ceiling height will be perceived more normally.
It is important to take care that the bedroom curtains are closed in a way that they do not leak light, and if a tulle curtain is put on it to catch romance, you will not get light in your room and you will get a beautiful view.

When buying curtains in the children’s room, they should preferably be printed, colored or patterned for children, because the joy in the child should be reflected in the room with curtains. The element to be considered in the model of children’s room curtains is that instead of the long sunshade until the floor, balloons or folded models ending at the level of the window should be chosen so that children do not walk around.

Kitchen curtain selection Unlike the curtain selection in rooms, kitchens are the places where the house should receive the most air and light. It is stuffy due to food and heat throughout the day, causing stench to be spread to other rooms.

Easily washed synthetic fabrics in the kitchens or folded curtains sold as wooden aluminum micro blinds on the market can be preferred.

If fabric is preferred, short plain light color models should be preferred.
First of all, Zebra curtain and roller blind is washed is not always valid. There is a special layer on the surface of roller blinds and zebra curtains. This Layer is called APRE (the so-called starch process). This layer leaves a significant amount in the first washing. The fabric comes to the fore from the sides which we call to soften and vomit over time.

The curtain can be cleaned with a dry sponge by wiping it from top to bottom. Or if you can dust it with a vacuum cleaner while hanging in the air, you can use your curtain for at least 4-5 years. During this time, you can wipe the simple stains with the pencil eraser we know, and serious stains with the help of a cloth by mixing the chemical stain removers with a little water.
It is not possible to understand at a glance whether the quality of storm or zebra is good or bad. Never rely on cheap product.

If your home will not be too long to rent and how long you will stay, choose classic cornice curtain models or choose products with mechanisms that can be assembled and disassembled practically.

Source: erdemoglu.net

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