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How to choose a good Computer?

First and foremost, I would like to state that there is no “BEST COMPUTER FOR EVERYONE”. The usability and usage of our computer determines the usefulness of our computer, and the most expensive one may not always be the best.

The first thing to decide on getting started is whether we need a portable computer or a desktop computer. it has a more convenient structure to respond to developing technology and changing needs. After you buy your computer, your upgrade option will be more positive and more options, and performance will be higher than portable computers in the same price range.

If you are a student or need to move your computer to your workplace or somewhere else, you will prefer a portable computer, but here, too, the notebook or the minibook can be confusing.

If you are going to use only computing, presentation, mail exchange, office programs on your computer, I recommend you to buy minibook in terms of price and ease of moving. If we want to have fun on our portable computer, we need to buy a large screen notebook without thinking, I can explain this requirement in one sentence, you cannot play games in minibook, and even if you do not have superman eyes, your movie pleasure turns into torture. After making the decision of desktop, notebook, minibook, let’s talk about the differences in these computers, the hardware and what these hardware qualities do.


We do not have a lot of hardware choice in miniboks, except for processor and ram values, we do not have any choice, and there is not much performance difference between processor and ram values. As a result, you can get the one you like the most, and the cheapest.


First of all, I want to talk about the processor;

Processor: Intel’s İ series processors overwhelm the heads. It is a wrong idea that the best of the i3-i5-i7 processors is i7. There are many models of i3, i5 and i7 processors with different cache memory and Ghz values. When choosing a processor, a new generation Core 2 Duo or İ series processor should be chosen, at the same time, choose the one with high cache memory and Ghz values, these values ​​determine the speed of your computer.

RAM: idirThe memory of our computer, again high ram and high frequency will determine the speed of our computer. I advise you not to go over the choice of DDR2 or DDR3 Although ddr3 is a new generation technology, ddr2 is still more widely used and seems to be so for a long time.

Video Card: ak If we do not plan to play games on our computer, we do not need a video card other than the video card on the motherboard, if we think of playing a game, 1bg 256 bit video card is required in our computer. Although 2gb graphics cards are also available, if the bit values ​​are 256, there will be no performance difference between 1gb. While buying a video card, 1gb-2gb deception should be avoided and the bit value should be taken into consideration. If we think of playing games, we should prefer at least 256 bit graphics card as I said before.

Hard Disk: It is the unit of our computer where we will store data. 500gb means a product with enough space and space for a normal user. Hard drives are classified into sata sata2 and sata 3. The latest technology sata3 compatible hard drives provide much faster data transfer, but because it is at very high levels, it means unnecessary luxury for a normal user. The cache and spin speed of the hard drives should be our preferred reason, the spin speed is called Rpm. For a normal user, the speed of the hard drive does not mean more than 10-15 seconds of power on and off the computer.

Extra features such as FACE RECOGNITION-FINGER READER may also be preferred, but these are, in my opinion, unnecessary pursuit of luxury, unnecessary units. Finally, I would like to say something about brand preference because we will have to choose a brand because we cannot collect on portable computers. There is a lot of wrong information in our country. There is no good or bad brand, and every brand has a stable “good” model and an unstable “bad” model. Research the heating problem or ventilation quality as well as the features of the portable computer you will get out of the brand distinction, as mentioned above.

The biggest problem of NOTEBOOK is warming and it cannot please an early and very warm notebook user.


All of the hardware comments we make for Notebboks are required for desktop computers, but when buying a desktop computer, there is another feature that we should be aware of except notebooks.

Motherboard: Motherboards are important in terms of processor compatibility, ram compatibility, video card compatibility and hard disk compatibility, and in my opinion, they are the most important hardware of a desktop computer. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, our motherboard determines the lower and upper limits of the hardware changes that we will make in our computer in the future, so when choosing the motherboard, a little bit of money should be chosen and a wide range of compatibility area should be chosen so that we do not have to change our motherboard when we want to change the ram in the future.

Source: (Onur Gucuk)

Some of the computer vendors earn money by piling up the buyer .. or it will have to be enough to make 50 dollars of profit from a $ 1000 tool … to increase this profit it is stolen from the hardware and this is done in a legal way .. for example, 512 mb ram with 40 gb hdd ‘ Let’s say a machine was requested … Putting 40 gb hdd with 7200 rpm and 5400 rpm or putting 512 mb ram 333 mhz or 400 mhz pc3200 (kingston) remains at the mercy of the collector … the parts that look like the same are not actually the same. .. Of course there is a difference between a 256 k p4 and a 512 k.

a small number of computer vendors are downright defrauding … selling the machine at the price of the parts it gives, but putting other things into it .. with examples; Give p4 2.4 box and install p4 1.7 (100 dollars pocket), say geforce2 plug and leave the machine with s3 32mb on the motherboard (40 dollars pocket), change 512 mb ram to 400 mhz and replace it with 266 mhz (25 dollars pocket) They do all kinds of tricks like .. be careful.

It will be beneficial to request all the driver CDs of the machine from the seller. The driver CDs of the original parts are original and they will work when one tries to re-install the system.

motherboard is the heart of the computer .. no matter how good the case and power are, a machine with poor quality of motherboard is useless. processors, ram, optical drives, pci and agp cards, external units are secondary priority parts because once a solid case and motherboard are bought, other parts can be completed and developed later .. for example, a $ 100 case and a $ 200 motherboard on 266mhz 256 Although using mb ram creates performance degradation, the cost of switching to 512 mb 400 mhz later is less than the cost of replacing the motherboard.

The frequency of the memory and the graphics processor are more important than the amount of memory of the video card. For example 9800 gt with 512 md ddr3 memory

1024 mb ddr2 memory is much better than 9600.

While every part of a computer is important separately, perhaps the most important part is the case and the power suplly duo. The case and power supply directly affect the life of other parts.


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