Tuesday, May 11, 2021

What should be considered when buying COMBI?

The square meter of the house or office, the location, the insulation quality of the building, the number of bathrooms, etc. data should also be evaluated.
According to these criteria, the most suitable capacity combi boiler should be determined. The right system design is very important for this. The temperature of the water returning from the installation should be 55 C and below as much as possible.
For this purpose, the boiler flow temperature must be adjusted accordingly (max. 60-70 C for the radiator). So the heating surfaces must be selected accordingly. Undoubtedly, efficiency value and silent operation are among the most important features of the combi boilers and play an important role in the user’s decision between the two combi devices.
According to the ErP regulation, the ErP Energy Label and ErP Data Sheet must be issued within each combi device. Each supplier must measure these values ​​in the same standard and standard way as defined by the directive. From the ERP Data Sheet you can compare the efficiency of the device (eg 92, 93% and 94%) and the Sound Level values.
You can also easily read the Sound Levels on the ErP Energy Labels. All condensing appliances have heating energy class A, but their efficiency may vary.
You can compare the efficiency of the device from the ErP Data Sheets. The measure of how much the boiler can reduce its capacity in order to avoid wasting energy in the case of low heating requirement (for example, during season passes) is an important criterion in terms of fuel saving and boiler selection.
For example, while your heating requirement is 3 kW, it is important that your boiler can reduce its 24 kW heating capacity by 1 to 8 and reduce it to 3 kW. Devices that can do this are called 1: 8 modulated devices. In addition to these factors, care must be taken to ensure that the boiler you choose will succeed in after-sales services such as service.

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