Friday, September 24, 2021

How to choose a good Cologne?

When buying cologne, colonies that have a distinctive, unclear appearance, free of sediment and foreign matter, and have a unique fragrance should be preferred.

The use of cologne, which is not produced in low quality or healthy conditions, can have irreparable consequences for consumers and carries great health risks.

Especially colonies produced with methyl alcohol can cause visual impairment and even blindness. Colonies produced under unhealthy conditions and low quality can cause serious respiratory diseases and skin diseases such as eczema, irreversible health problems such as damaging the sense of smell.

” When buying cologne, we recommend that consumers prefer colognes that are not clear, cloudy, have no residues and foreign matter, and have a unique fragrance. The main raw material in the production of cologne is ethyl alcohol. It is known that the manufacturers called under the stairs use methyl alcohol in cologne production from time to time because it is cheap. Methyl alcohol has great harm for human health. For this reason, consumers should be careful not to buy cologne that is not sold, which is not known.

The most important element in the production of a high quality cologne is raw material.

The correct determination of the product composition ratios and the homogeneity of the resulting mixture are essential conditions for the production of a good cologne. A quality cologne can be understood by looking at whether its smell is fresh and its clarity. This is the main feature to consider when choosing a good cologne. However, we think that the most effective and healthy solution for the consumer is the use of branded products with certain manufacturer companies. 80 degrees alcohol should be used in lemon colony and 60-70 degrees alcohol in other fragrant cologne. ”

Source: AA

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