Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to choose a good Chili Pepper?

Unfortunately, as with any product, flakes of pepper are unfortunately fake. “There are dandruff and straw in the fake chili peppers. Salt can also be in the oil. An oil with uncertain oil may be used. It is important for him where you buy paprika. In addition, you need to buy dried peppers to buy chili peppers. There will be no salt or salt in the real chili pepper, and it will not mud when you hit your hand. The grain will be scaly. By taste, you can see if there is salt in the oil. If you put a pinch of paprika into a warm water, it doesn’t give color to the water, it’s a good chili pepper. If it gives color, it means additive paint is used in this, which is not a good chili pepper. When you smell one of the original chili peppers, here it will smell pepper. If the pepper does not smell, if it is salty, if it is like mud, if it is oily, then it is not a good pepper. This is a good chili pepper if you don’t get anything like dandruff and straw when put in water.


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