Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to choose a good Child Skate?

Although it seems difficult to ride skates requires balance, it is a sport that will be learned in a few days thanks to the rapid learning of children aged 3-8. The most important thing here is to choose the right skate.

If you are going to skate your child for the first time, let’s talk about the points you need to pay attention to.

Number Selection

“Should the number one be big?” You should definitely not consider the question, because it jeopardizes your child’s safety.

For a safe ride, you need to choose according to your child’s foot number. However, if you do not want to renew skates frequently due to the rapid growth of children, you can choose Oxelo Play 3 Skates that contain more than one number. Oxelo Play 3 Skates can be matched to all three foot numbers.

For example, you can use the skating number 26-27-28 as the number you choose as 26-28. Thus, you will not need to renew skates frequently. As the foot gets bigger, the skates will get bigger

The Right Skate in terms of Technical Specifications

Skates are divided into types in terms of their technical features. Depending on the structure of the skate, driving difficulty may also vary. Let’s talk about the technical features that should be in beginner skates.

The boot part should grip the foot, the foot should not move in the skate.

The inner boot must be cleanable for health and hygiene. In Play 3 skates, the inner boot is removable and washable.

The diameter of the wheels should be 63-65 mm on average for a comfortable and average speed ride.
The brake should only be on the right or left wheel. Having two standing brakes for safe deceleration and stopping is not safe by World Skating Standards. Play 3 Skates are produced according to these standards.
Security Equipments

You should never skate your children without protection & helmets for driving comfort and safety. There are issues to be considered for the correct safety equipment.


It must be resistant to impacts.
The interior should not disturb while driving.
It should fit well in the head, not loose. Just like number selection, you can choose a helmet that can be adjusted according to the head size.
The clip should be worn so that it is under the chin in terms of grip.

You should definitely wear protection on joints such as knees, elbows and wrists.
Protections should be flexible enough to not disturb while driving and should not be bored while using.

Skate Bag

I would recommend the skate bag, although not essential. Because it provides quite comfort when skates and equipment are not used or during transportation.

As a result, when buying skates for children, choosing the right skates and equipment is vital, and should not be overlooked. After making the right and reliable choices, you can present this sport to your children. Make sure they will love it and be happy!


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