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How to choose a good Chicken?

As with any food, when buying chicken, we should examine the packaging very well and make sure what we receive. To look at the packaging, of course, we need to know the statements on the packaging. Let's take a look at what the packaging means.

As with any food, when buying chicken, we should examine the packaging very well and make sure what we receive. To look at the packaging, of course, we need to know the statements on the packaging. Let’s take a look at what the packaging means.

Frozen Chicken

If we face in this statement would also Although not very many places in Turkey in packaging will need to know what it means. The first thing that comes to mind when chilled or frozen chicken is mentioned is that the chickens are exposed to cold air while they are suspended before being broken. Yet it is not. Cooling and freezing means washing suspended chickens with cold water. The chickens in cold water baths absorb the water applied during the cooling process due to their skin structure. This water absorption event causes both the taste of the chicken to decrease and the artificially heavier.

Salmon Chicken

This statement is included in many packages. Keel chicken means raised chicken in open space, not in cramped cages that are allowed to circulate in their natural environment. In order for this statement to be included in the packaging, it is necessary to release the chickens in production plants that are really suitable for this. In addition, how long this application is done is very important. Yes, keel chickens are more useful in nutritional value because they are more mobile than those grown in cramped cages. But these chickens are released only at certain times of the day, and at other times – generally – they live in cages under the same conditions as other chickens. The fact that it contains keel chicken does not give information about the feeding methods of chickens.

Chicken raised outside the cage

Laws have established a number of rules for the writing of chickens and similar expressions raised outside the cage. However, if the conditions are fulfilled, such expressions can be written on the product. The first and foremost of the conditions is the removal of cages from the facilities. Unfortunately, in this type of facility, mostly chickens are kept outside the cage, but almost on top of each other. Animals can neither go out nor move where they are. Again, this statement does not give any guarantee as to what the chickens are fed or what drugs they are exposed to.

Chicken without antibiotics

Just because it says it’s farm chicken doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Because farm chickens are also grown in narrow cages with no medication. The chickens that are raised together and together are fed with antibiotic feeds so that they do not get sick and do not infect each other. The antibiotic is only excreted from the body after a while. One of the things to be aware of when buying chicken is: The expression chicken without antibiotics means that there is no antibiotic effect on the packed meat; does not mean that he has not taken antibiotics during his lifetime.

Organic Chicken

If a chicken contains organic chicken in its packaging; This means that chickens are free to circulate in their natural habitat, and no hormones or antibiotics are used to help them grow faster or give more efficient meat and eggs. In short, the term ‘organic chicken belir means that all the useful conditions that must be met are met. When buying chicken, your priority should be organic chicken.

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