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What should be considered when buying a CAT?

In personality, there isn’t much difference between the genders if they are sterilized. All male cats (un-neutered) will struggle for their habitat if they are outside, and those inside will freely release their strong scent on the walls to the curtains to define their space. All females can also release their scent from time to time.

Even worse, they will make themselves and you unhappy with strange turning movements and loud meows when they enter their heat period.
On the other hand, once they are neutered, their personality will improve.


You’ve been to a cat show or a pet store where you adore a particular breed. The most important factor regarding “purebred cats” is that if the breeders do not have years of experience with their genetics and they cannot carefully choose the breeding of the cat’s entire purebred history and breeds, undesirable traits will be found in the breed. Some breeds therefore have genetic problems, such as the P.K.D li and / or Persians with nasal problems due to their shortened nose, or the Manx with spine problems. Reputable breeders will inspect their cats and provide warranties against known physical problems in the breed.

The ancestors of “moggies”, which are accepted as the English term for mixed breed cats, are unknown. The “Moggie” you own from a shelter or rescue organization will most likely become a true “orphan”. Because their health and genetic history are unknown, preferably before bringing someone home, it is important for the shelter cat to be vaccinated and tested for some diseases.


When you first visit a shelter, you will be divided between the appeal of kittens clustered inside the cage, but keep in mind that adult cats are more “friendly” and how happy they will be when they find a new home. These cats usually come from a happy family environment and have been left due to reasons such as their owner’s illness, divorce, and death.

There are many benefits of getting a mature cat:

Older cats (other than wild ones) are generally toilet trained.

Kittens are boisterous and lively. Households will not be very peaceful with a crazy kitten running around. If “calmness” is your lifestyle, an older cat will be best for you.

Adult cats have already been neutered and their “vaccinations” are complete.

Adult cats get used to home more easily than kittens. Adult cats are more grateful.

The benefit to the adult cat is that these cats will not be able to find a home, as humans naturally turn to kittens.

The last thing to consider is your age. If your cat is 65 or older, there is always a possibility that your cat will live longer, so the adult cat will be a great choice. You may even want to adopt a blind, amputated “handicapped” cat or another “stray” cat. These cats make very good companionship and compensate for their “handicaps” with a rich affection and devotion to their human saviors.

If you are a teenager and have a school-age child, a one or two year old cat will be a good choice and will be able to grow with your child.


The idea of ​​owning more than one cat might not please you, but it’s not uncommon for a person who goes to the shelter to buy a cat and returns home with two cats.

You may have loved a very cute, beautiful cat and adopted a couple just to find a life partner or “good friend”. If you have enough space in your home and heart, and your resources are enough to look at more than one, you will be rewarded with twice as much happiness. This is especially true when considering a kitten. Kittens are fun, but in many ways two kittens are better than one for a number of reasons.


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