Wednesday, October 27, 2021

How to choose a good Cat Food?

Getting a cat food recommendation can be risky, especially for picky cat owners. Each cat’s taste may be different. For this reason, although the priority is to ensure that the cat is fed healthy and in line with its needs, it should be made small trials until it finds delicious to consume. However, while some companies give such small portion food for trials as gifts, large sizes of the same type of food are not of similar quality and your cat may not eat the large size food that is trusted to him while eating the sample food with pleasure.

There are two types of commercially available food for cat nutrition. Dry foods are highly preferred because they are economical, easily stored and do not spoil when left outside. Dry foods are ideal for people who cannot spend much time at home during the day. Many people prefer their cats to be fed dry food from their infancy.

Foods, also known as wet or canned food, are products that should be added to the diet of cats with low water consumption. Wet foods spoil easily and should be consumed at the right time and in a short time. For this reason, many people choose to offer life foods at certain times or only as a reward. Feeding only wet food can be more costly than dry food. In addition, the amount of wet food that cats should consume in their daily diet is much more than dry food. This can lead to storage problems. Age cat food recommendation is usually made for cats with oral and dental health, kidney problems, and high calorie needs because they are in pregnancy or lactation.

Age classification in cats is different for humans. Cats between 0 and 12 years old are categorized as kittens, cats between 1 and 7 years as adults, and cats 7 years and older as older. You can make your choice when buying cat food in line with this category.

You always want to get the best for your cat. However, accustoming the cat to one type of cat food is not suitable for health. At the same time, because the food comes from abroad, it may be unavailable at any time. Cats who are used to a single type of food face a lack of nutrients and vitamins if the food is not available. To prevent this situation, you can use 2 or 3 types of food instead of feeding your cat with one type of food. You can give these foods to your cat alternately. It will also be beneficial for the cat in terms of vitamins and nutritional values.

The quality of cat food is one of the factors affecting hair loss. In quality food, the cat will have more access to the vitamins it needs, so its fur will be healthier and less shed. Poor quality cat food will slow your cat’s nutritional value and cause it to have unhealthy hair. For this reason, proper food selection is one of the factors that affect hair loss.

When choosing cat food, being suitable for your cat affects the cat’s stomach, intestines and metabolism studies. For this reason, high-quality foods direct the urination habits by affecting the metabolism of cats. Unsuitable foods can cause diarrhea or constipation in your cat. When these symptoms are seen, the cause may be food. For this reason, you should choose the right food for your cat’s health.

If your cat’s litter is different and smells bad than normal, it may be because of her food. A food that is not suitable for the cat may cause different and bad odors in the toilet by affecting the bowel movements. If you notice a situation like this, you may think it may be caused by your cat’s food. Quality foods always support keeping the whole body healthier.

Some cats are innately musky, they don’t like to move much. Others, especially tabby cats, have a very active nature. If your cat is not a congenitally sluggish one and his movements are slow, feeding may be the cause. A cat that is not fed properly cannot reach the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will give her energy. For this reason, there may be a slowdown in his movements. If your cat is also slower than normal, the reason may be her food. When choosing cat food, paying attention to these factors is the key to a healthy life for your cat. Food selection should be made considering its breed, age, feathers and gender.

Grain: The need for carbohydrates in the diet of cats is not as high as thought. For this reason, it is necessary to choose foods with high quality grain content. Grain-free cat food varieties, in which the carbohydrate source comes only from vegetables and fruits, can also be preferred.

Taurine: Taurine is among the most valuable amino acids for cat health. Cats’ bodies cannot produce Taurine, so they must take it from outside. The presence of Taurine in the food content is one of the most important steps to consider when choosing cat food.

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