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What should be considered when buying CARPET?

The quality of the carpet is asked about the type and frequency of yarn used

The type of carpet used in the carpet, how easy to clean your carpet, how long you can use your carpet for many issues effective. Besides the type of yarn, how often the yarns are woven, also known as pile density, is very important. If you fold a part of the carpet and don’t see the floor easily, the carpet is frequently woven. So, which is the most useful type of carpet according to the yarn used in the carpet, what are the characteristics of carpet types?

Wool Carpets

Wool carpets are more expensive than other carpets because they are made of wool which is a natural yarn type. Since they are resistant to abrasion, they can be used in circulation areas such as saloon easily. They are resistant to fire. It is necessary to pay special attention to the cleanliness of this type of carpet which is more resistant to stain than other carpet types. In addition, they may cause wool problems and can be overcome by brushing, vacuuming or washing the carpet. They also carry a risk of adversely affecting allergic bodies.

Acrylic Carpets

Acrylic carpets are another type of long-lasting carpet. This type of carpet is similar to wool carpet in terms of softness and comfort. Acrylic carpets, which are cheaper than wool carpets, are one of the most preferred carpet types. Acrylic carpets that have less stain can also cause wool problems. As it is resistant to abrasion, acrylic carpets are highly preferred as living room carpets and are considered as the most useful carpet type.

Polyester Carpets

One of the most important reasons for choosing polyester carpets, which is another of the long-lasting carpet types, is that they do not retain water-based stains, are resistant to water and are easy to clean, and that they can reflect different color types vividly. They are more suitable in price than wool and acrylic carpets.

Polyamide (Nylon) Carpets

Wear-resistant polyamide carpets do not stain and are easily cleaned. It has bright structures and polyamide is one of the most widely used fibers in carpet production.

Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene carpets are very cheap because they are produced with the cheapest yarn type. They do not stain, they can be easily cleaned. In addition, they quickly trace the footprint of the furniture placed on it. They are heat resistant. They should not be preferred because they are short-lived.

How to Choose the Right Carpet?

You should not rush to choose carpets. First, you should buy all the furniture in your home, choose your curtains, decide your wall color and leave your choice of carpet to the end. After placing your home, you should measure each room correctly. So you can choose the most suitable carpet for your home.

One of the most frequently asked questions during carpet selection is nasıl How should the carpet size be?.. If you don’t want your house to look crowded, you can choose the size of the carpet under carpet furniture. If you prefer light colors such as light gray, beige, white, you can choose a pattern with patterned and dark colors on the carpet. If your room is small and you are looking for a way to make the room look spacious, you should remember that you can get help with light colors when choosing a carpet color.

Carpet selection varies from room to room. If you are going to buy carpets for a crowded area, which is used by many people like the salon, you should choose a carpet that is resistant to dirt, abrasion, sunlight. When choosing the carpet according to the seat you can choose the colors of the carpet, including the shades of the seat or pillow cases.

The first feature that should be sought for children’s room and baby room carpet is that it is antibacterial and soft. If your child is allergic, you should not choose any type of yarn that can cause allergies. You can also use antibacterial carpets for your own bedroom.

For kitchen carpets, you should choose the stain resistant ones. Dark colored, non-slip carpets can be preferred for the kitchen.

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