Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Preliminary Information When Buying A Caravan

You want a caravan or a motorhome first? Decide for him.


– You need a car for a caravan. The brand of the passenger car is not very important. A 4 – 4.5 meter caravan trailer can drive a 1600 engine diesel car. However, gasoline is forced due to the torque difference.

– You have to fix your belongings in the trailer. Your camp will start where you go. You will be able to see those who have fallen off the door of a closet that is open on the road, where you park. You will need to get out of the vehicle during the need breaks.

– Toilet cleaning in caravans is not as it was thought. There are chemicals that you can find very easily. Toilets have a tape. Think of this cassette as a small tank under the toilet. When you pour 1 cup of chemical into the cassette, it turns all the substance into liquid and traps the smell. During any break, you can empty the tape in a public toilet. Think of what I call a cassette as a clean container that does not come into contact with and around the handle and is not visible. (Remember to do regular unloading, we used to carry it once. You really don’t want to neglect.) This toilet job is the same in both caravans.

– You can place the caravan in the place where you will be camping and travel freely with your vehicle. You can enter interesting and historical places that are located around the corner on the shore where you go. You can also eat the recommended local dishes outside and return to the camping place in the evening.

– You should not exceed 80km / h in caravans. As I learned from experienced people, it was difficult to maneuver. It requires some mastery.


– You might think that there is no need for another vehicle for Motokaravan. After settling in your campsite, you may need to notice something missing and go to the supermarket. For this, it is useful to have a bicycle or motorcycle behind the vehicle. If your motorhome does not draw 4, it will be difficult to go to the field. The rear structure of the vehicle should be light in order to avoid difficulty on the slopes. Let’s say you make or do caravans from scratch. Do not say I will make it from the massive, be the best. Don’t think like home. Caravan furniture and other items need to be made of lightweight material. The caravan made of lightweight material gives you the ease of climbing on slopes. It does not increase your fuel consumption. Of course, fixing is important in this trailer, but you have forgotten the human condition. Before you return to the first street, you will understand what fell on the ground and what you forgot to fix. In the motorhome, your camp starts as soon as the ignition turns.

– There is no child bored in the back seat. If your child is active like mine, he is comfortable inside the vehicle. You can buy your cold drink and sandwich from the refrigerator right away. Unfortunately, hot drink does not happen. “My dear, you drive the car and I’ll make two medium coffees right away.” There is no such thing as a caravan. For toilet breaks, you can stop at the right places on the right of the road. The needs can be met without leaving the car.

– In Motokaravan, you have to go to the place you will visit until you go to the camp site. Obviously, that’s how it works for us. After releasing everything we settle and fix in the area where we will camp, getting back together and getting ready for the journey is cruel and we cannot see the recommended place for this reason. We make the meals. Let’s say you are going to make a salad and forget to buy lemon, that salad is eaten without lemon.

– You can speed up in Motokaravan according to road rules. He doesn’t have much difficulty while driving. It is easier for you if you have experience driving large vehicles such as minibuses. If you have used only passenger cars like me so far, you have to buy the motorhome from a wide angle in the left and right turns.

In order not to run out of battery when the vehicle is not running and not connected to any electrical source; I recommend not to operate such as blow dry, oven and kettle unless necessary.

Since the caravan body is a large vehicle, sometimes you have to leave it behind in rough or hard-to-reach areas. In these cases, camping equipment such as sleeping bags, tents, lanterns, electricity or fire sources will help you stay in these lands outside the caravan. Be sure to take this equipment with you for hard-to-reach bays, hills or different places.

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