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How to choose a good bulb?

When we go to buy a light bulb in our house or when we buy a light bulb from the internet, we see that many values ​​are written on their labels or boxes, so what do these values ​​mean and according to these values, we will simply choose which bulb is suitable for us. In buildings with larger lighting projects (such as shopping malls, stadiums, various facilities), these lighting types and values ​​are determined by engineers, but in the lamps to be bought for the home, such calculations are not generally required, and we can determine the right bulb with a few ideas.

In the market, bulbs are sold under the categories of classical, halogen, saving and led for the home. Saving bulbs are generally compact fluorescent bulbs (CFR). Label information that we will evaluate on these bulbs;

Energy consumption in watts (W)
Brightness in lumens (lm)
Color temperature (kelvin)
Color (yellow or white)

The wattage values ​​of the bulbs show the power they spend and have nothing to do with the amount of light they will give. With new technologies, low power bulbs can give a high degree of light.

Brightness in lumens (lm)

Lumen value indicates how much the brightness of the bulb will be, that is, the more the lumen value increases, the greater the brightness of the bulb, if we compare the lumen and wattage values ​​as mentioned above, in today’s technology, a 40 watt classic bulb and 7.5 watt LED bulb equal amount of brightness (lumens) It can provide.

Color temperature (kelvin)

This value indicates whether the light produced by the bulb is hot or cold.
The color temperature of a candle is approximately 2000 K, and this light is called warm, its color is yellow but very dark, yellow (warm) light values ​​are generally used between 3000-4000 K in houses (it can be considered as sunset or sunrise), it becomes lighter as its value grows. . It is lighter between 5000 – 6500 K and is now white after 6000 (it can be considered as a light color in the open air at noon, or the whiteness of the fluorescent lamp may come to mind). It is a color that turns blue after 6000 K (the light color in the sky may come to mind in partly cloudy weather). Bulbs can be found between 2400 and 5500K.

Color (yellow or white)

The color of the light given by the bulbs, regardless of the temperature, is indicated.


Specifies whether the bulb’s color brightness can be changed. Dimensions of dimmable bulbs can be changed (some houses have dimmer switches and light color can be adjusted, in such places, a suitable bulb must be selected for dim).


The efficiency of the bulbs is found with the Lumen / Watt value, the efficiency indicates how much lumens a bulb produces per watt. It is important to achieve the desired lumen value with minimal power consumption. For example, in a bulb with 60% efficiency, 60% of the power is used for lighting, while 40% is heat etc. for such reasons, it cannot be used for lighting, so efficiency is very important, the less power used, the more important for us.

In line with this information, let’s talk about the things to consider roughly when choosing a light bulb for a room in our house. Firstly, the amount of light (lumens) and light temperature (Kelvin) that will be required in the room are decided. A study room or bathroom etc. for cold light, for a room where we will sit and relax, we can decide a bulb that emits warmer light, because white light is used in more demanding environments, while warm light is relaxing. We can decide the lumen value according to the width of the room and the color of the furniture and furniture. In rooms with larger wall color, dark colored furniture and dark paintings on the walls, more lumen value is needed. In rooms with smaller, light furniture or white and empty walls, less lumens are needed, there is no need to illuminate such rooms much, while taking these into consideration, we can compare the lumen values ​​and select a bulb with an average lumen in our head.

In the halls with chandeliers (multiple bulbs can be installed), it should be taken into consideration that all the bulbs to be taken lumen value will be created, accordingly, a few bulb values ​​can be selected by sharing the lumens. After taking these into consideration, the power (wattage) of the bulb is checked and the smallest wattage bulb should be selected because the power value also corresponds to the electrical energy expended. Then the efficiency of the bulb can be checked, the efficiency of the bulb can be written directly on it, or you can easily find the lumen value by dividing it by wattage. Thus, you can find out how much of the power of the bulb is used to illuminate, how much of it is wasted, and bulbs with high efficiency should be chosen, nobody will want to waste the power used.

Source: Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Özkaya, Turgut Tüfekçi – Lighting Technique

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