Monday, August 2, 2021

Which Budgerigar?

Be Careful About Where You Will Get Your Budgerigar.

Those who want to feed the budgerigar at home should choose a good place by researching their preferred place while making their choices. For this reason, the place where the birds are sold is very important for the cage sizes, feeding patterns and other situations where the birds stay until they are sold.

Make Sure It Is Healthy.

When buying a bird, you need to make sure that the bird you prefer is healthy. It will be enough to observe the bird to understand that it is healthy. If he is making cobbling in the cage, flying and his stance is erect, you can superficially understand that there is no health problem. His gaze should be alive and his feathers should be bright.

Young Birds Should Be Preferred.

It will be preferred in different types and colors in terms of the budgerigar characteristics you want to feed at home, and it should be taken as a baby while it is taken especially because of its early maturation. In this way, you can get faster feedback on education and care.

Color Selection

Those who are considering buying budgies to look at at home can then make choices about color, especially if they like it. There is no harm in choosing colors that you like in the colors you like.

Gender Selection,

When choosing a budgerigar, gender selection can be decisive for the characteristics of the bird. Therefore, it is one of the points to be careful. Male birds can be preferred because they are mobile relative to females. Females display more aggressive attitudes. Males sing longer and shake their heads while singing.

Budgerigar Word Memorization Feature

Thanks to the word memorization features, which are among the features of budgerigars, you can easily memorize your bird you are looking at at home. In this regard, while male budgies memorize up to 100 words, this ratio is lower in females. For this reason, it makes it easier for those who want to pronounce more words to get the result they want men to prefer while buying birds.


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