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Which Boat?

Expectations can be high when buying the first boat, so you can choose the boat that best suits your needs instead of describing the best ones in almost every field.

For example, a speedboat will not perform well when used as an offshore fishing boat. Or a sailboat is not available in the river. These are very extreme examples, but the important point is the fact that a single boat will not be suitable in all situations.

You should look at the conditions in which you live. What types of boats are more common? Boats of the type commonly used in this environment would be more advantageous in the second hand.

Before you buy a boat, try to spend as much time as possible on the boat or the like.

You can visit a marina or maritime club in your neighborhood and talk to those using the boat you are considering buying. Users will be more forthright in providing information about the good and bad aspects of their boat, and will give you a valuable insight into the points you should pay attention to when buying your own boat. Trusted agents can also provide you with valuable information and advice.

Follow the new and used ads of the boats you are interested in and follow the boat market. Prices can vary considerably even with the same specifications, same model and age, so it’s up to you to do a good research and find the boat you want at an affordable price.

Conduct your research in a wide range of brands and models, at the end you can choose a very different model and brand than you think. For more information, you can search for yachts and boats with the following features:

New Boats:

If you plan to use a boat for more than 5 years and can afford it, it may be a good option to buy a new boat.

Read as many comments as possible about the boat you intend to buy and request a test drive in the water. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the design and features of the boat.

Boat Sharing

Boat sharing is a very popular method for beginners. This method allows the division of the maintenance and operation costs of the boat not only for the investment of the whole boat but also for the boat owners.

Second Hand Boats

Second-hand boats have other advantages and benefits:

Safety equipment and other extra equipment may be included. Second-hand boats may have minor superficial defects, which you will inevitably add new ones while gaining experience. Drawing a brand-new flawless boat will make you much more upset than adding new ones to old scratches! Considering a neutral assessment made by a reputable professional, buying a used boat is a wise move in all circumstances.

Some Tricks:

If you are interested in fiberglass boats, pay attention to cracks caused by structural errors or impacts. Deep cracks are heralding potential problems. However, the wear-related surface cracks associated with the age of the vessel can be ignored.

If any part of the boat has been repaired, make sure it is made in a reliable place, request the corresponding invoices.

Beware of bad corrosion and cracks in welded seams on aluminum boats. Incompatible or patched paints indicate that the boat has been repaired and therefore may have had an accident.

If the keel extends both horizontally and forwards to the stern, look for internal corrosion marks or rust streaks, indicating that the boat is receiving water at some stage.

Remove every object on the boat and check underneath, color fading indicates that maintenance has been neglected.

Make sure that ropes and other equipment are not in poor condition. Check the soft spots on the floor, the condition of the floor, the operability of the windows and the internal water stains. Do not forget to use your nose in your observations, be sensitive to mold odors.

Ensure that the motor is well protected; Check the formation of cracks on the propeller, corrosion in the motor head. Start the engine and observe the water flow at the start and at high speeds. Make sure the verdevela bolts are secure and that all necessary safety equipment is available.

Mechanical Equipments

Open and closed valves

Gearbox (check smoothness when shifting)

Filter (Filter should be cleaned periodically)

Oil (Dirt / sand control can be done using your fingers, there should be no smell of burns.)

Rubber belts and hoses (wear and crack check)

Inspect the service records for their regular maintenance and check for any recurring malfunctions.

Have an electrical technician check the steering, hydraulic and fuel lines.

Note: The above information is for guidance only and cannot replace the supervision of a professional conveyor.

In addition, it should be noted that all second-hand boats have some traces of their use, and should not be rushed out of sight during inspection. But if you don’t have enough money, time and patience for restoration, you should avoid neglected boats.


When you narrow your research sufficiently according to the characteristics you have determined from a wide range, you are ready to take an offer for the boats you are interested in.

It would not be realistic to expect an extraordinary bargain. It should not be forgotten that if something looks too good to be true. If you know the reasonable price for the boat you are interested in, try negotiating with the seller. Price is not the only thing that can be negotiated. Also consider bargaining with trailers, engines and equipment to be used.

Be sure to take a test drive before buying and get the views of an independent drive.

At the risk of the buyer, there are many factors affecting the boat buying process. This process varies according to the location and vessel type. It would be wise to do it through a reputable boat sales agent.

Questions you might want to ask during the research process

What activities was the boat used for?

How often was it used and how many hours did it take?

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