Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to choose a good Blanket?

Choose the right size

If you are buying a blanket for your bed, it should be wide enough to wrap the pillow, wide enough to squeeze from side to bottom. Before going to buy a blanket, take your mattress size and do not buy a very small or very large blanket accordingly.

Choose the right fabric

Cotton: Cotton blankets withstand repeated washing well; this is also a good choice for those with allergic conditions. Depending on the weaving, cotton can be light enough to be used as a summer cover or heavy enough for the winter temperature. Organic cotton blankets can be taken for those who prefer a green lifestyle.

Wool: Provides excellent insulation while allowing wool to evaporate in heavy, warm and moisture. It’s a great choice if you want a very heavy and warm blanket, but some people are sensitive to wool. If you have an allergic problem like asthma, wool will be a bad choice for you.

Cashmere: It is soft, warm and silky, but also very expensive.

Synthetics: There are many synthetic fabrics for blankets. Acrylic, polyester and microfiber are common ones. Synthetic blankets are warm, but often draw large amounts of static electricity and tend to hold hair, dust, and threads. They are cheap, but they wear out quickly.

Polar: Comfortable, extra warm and not too heavy fleece blankets are especially popular for children.

Electric blankets

Electric blankets are made of synthetic materials and allow you to adjust the temperature to your personal comfort level. For safety reasons, never put a duvet or other blanket over an electric blanket. Do not sleep when the electric blanket is on, turn it on before going to bed, close the blanket when you lie down.

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