Friday, September 24, 2021

How to choose a good Bicycle?

How should we choose a bike based on where we will use it?

There are many types of bicycles. With or without shock absorber, such as mountain bike, foldable bike, long road bike, double suspension, single suspension. If the area we are in is slippery, upright or on an icy area, bicycles with a thick tire, gear and squad length, or height, should not be preferred. Non-tread tires can cause you to slip on slippery surfaces and cause accidents and serious consequences. On straight, long and non-slippery roads, thin and low-gear light squad-sized bicycles should be preferred. For example; Bicycles with double shock absorbers are for spectators and landers, these bicycles do not provide comfortable driving pleasure on the slope and straight road, so when choosing mountain bikes, single shock absorbers, i.e. front suspension bikes should be preferred. The greater the thickness and width of the tire, the lower the speed of your bike. Therefore, road and triathlon bikes should be preferred. These bikes will cause less energy to lose friction with the ground.

If you are going to buy a city bike, it is a type of bicycle with a classic bicycle wheel that carries loads. These bikes are divided into sub-categories according to their intended use. For example, foldable bicycles that are starting to become very trendy on the City bike to go from one place to another in the city for transportation. Foldable bicycles can be used as a various transportation alternative in the city after being folded in a backpack-shaped bag.

If you are going to use the bike mostly on the asphalt road, you should buy a bicycle with a 28-inch rim length and a thin wheel. The road performances of these bikes are good. It does not tire you and allows you to travel more in less time.

If you are going to use your bike mostly on dirt roads and terrain, then you will need to buy thicker mountain bikes with 26 inch wheel lengths.

The first thing to do when choosing both bikes is that the size of the bike’s size matches your height. Bicycles have bodies just like clothes. The squad length is the size of the skeleton that forms the body of the bike. Squad lengths starting from 15 inches to 20 inches are available. If your height is 1.60, you should buy a 16 inch bike, 1.80 if it is 18 inch, and 2.00 if it is 20 inch. If the squad length is chosen wrong, problems will occur while using the bike. When you sit on the saddle of the bike with the appropriate squad length of your choice, you should be able to make contact with the ground according to your leg size. If a short person gets a 20 inch frame, his feet don’t touch the ground. When a tall person gets a 16 inch staff, his feet are on the ground and he has to break from the knee.

The important thing here is that when you sit in the seat, your leg can stand without breaking while the pedal is in the lower position. Keeping one of the pedals in the lower position, look at the condition of your leg on the seat. The leg should lie flat without bending at all. If this is provided, there is no problem.
Also, the handlebar holding distance and height, which will change according to the size of the frame, are also important. If the appropriate bike is not chosen, you may have to lean forward while holding the handlebars with your hands. Normally, it should be able to hold the handlebar comfortably and use a bicycle at a certain angle without bending or steeply.

The most important points to consider when buying a bike:

The size of the bike to fit your height.
The weight of the bike is at a weight that you can carry.
The purpose of using the bicycle is suitable for your expectations.
Really “real” value of the price of the bike.
The usefulness of the brake and gear mechanism.
Suitability of staff weight and design.
With shock absorber, the quality of the shock absorber.
Whether there is a spare parts problem.
The warranty period.

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