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How to choose a good Bed Linen?

Matters to be considered when buying a duvet cover are very important. Because many aspects such as fabric and pattern selection can bring you the comfort you want. You should make choices for bedding sets that do not fade, sweat or cause allergies on the skin.

You can find many types of bed linen, such as bamboo, cotton, polyester, etc. A comfortable and comfortable duvet cover set greatly improves sleep quality. Therefore, you can have an uninterrupted sleep quality by taking care to choose your bedding sets for a comfortable sleep.

There are many details to be considered when buying a duvet cover set. First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of fabric. Products that are 100% cotton are quite compatible with the skin. In addition, the air permeability feature allows the skin to breathe.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, bamboo fabric is highly preferred. You can choose this fabric for children’s and baby bedding. If you want a duvet cover set in silky and light texture, you should choose bamboo.

Fabrics such as modal, polyester, viscose are not preferred by many since they do not have air permeability. However, the prices of these products are very reasonable.

Cotton fabric may wrinkle but does not cause sweating and discomfort. If you want wrinkle-free and luxurious fabric, you can use your preference for cotton satin.

You should also choose duvet covers that match your pillow and quilt sizes. Especially for the summer months, you should make choices for fabrics that absorb moisture. You should follow the washing instructions to prevent the fabrics from pulling.

The most important factor that determines the quality of the fabric is the number of threads. As the number of threads per square centimeter increases, the quality of the fabric increases. Frequently woven fabrics become more durable and softer. When choosing the bedding set, pay attention to the yarn count of the fabric. Prefer fabrics with high yarn count.

Which Fabrics are Used in Duvet Cover Sets?

Cotton Fabric: These fabrics, which are made of natural cotton, are the most preferred fabric type in duvet cover sets. This fabric, which is known to contain no substances harmful to human health and is permeable to air, is suitable to be used both in winter and in summer. The fabric is soft because it is tight to weave and has a fine thread. Cotton fabrics, which we can see in the products in the category of Ranforce bedding sets in the market, are woven in a 1 square centimeter area with 57 wire density. When washed according to the washing instructions, the fabric colors remain alive for a long time. The only bad feature of these duvet cover sets that can be used without sweating is that they are very wrinkled.

Satin Fabric: It has a brighter, more delicate and more fluid structure compared to other fabrics. Satin fabrics are produced from very fine yarn in an area of ​​1 square centimeter with 80 to 120 strands of yarn. This delicacy adds a soft texture to the fabric. The cost of the fabric increases due to the use of fine yarn and the high frequency of weaving. For this reason, the prices of duvet covers made of satin fabric are higher than those made from cotton fabric. Satin duvet cover sets have no harm to health. It is recommended to be used in summer months since it has a slightly cooler feature compared to other fabrics.

Those who have a slippery structure, make it difficult to use, are made of bright fabric, Silk Satin, and those produced from 100% cotton with the same weaving density are called Cotton Satin. Since silk satin fabrics wrinkle very quickly, it will be appropriate to use silk satin bedding sets by ironing. Cotton satin fabrics, on the other hand, are known as the most useful and most preferred duvet cover fabric with their bright, delicate texture that do not require ironing, prevent sweating.

Polyester Fabric: Although it is a soft fabric with a slick and shiny structure, it is known for being synthetic. Duvet cover sets made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton are common in the market. These are often referred to as Polly Cotton and Terry Cotton. The prices of bedding sets made of polyester fabric are quite low compared to bedding sets made with other types of fabric. It can be preferred in bedding sets as it does not wrinkle much, but it is not a very healthy fabric for bedding sets because it is synthetic.

Bamboo Fabric: Those who want to use a duvet cover set made of genuine bamboo should pay a small fortune. These fabrics, which have antibacterial properties, also have soft texture and breathability. Since bamboo fabric is more expensive than other fabrics; bamboo bedding sets are sold at higher prices than bedding sets made from other types of fabric.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing Duvet Cover?

The fabric quality of the bed linens is important in terms of both health and long-term use. It should be noted that the number of strands used in cotton fabric types in 1 square centimeter is high. The yarn count makes the fabric more durable and softer.

Duvet cover sets made of cotton satin and bamboo fabric provide more comfortable use during the summer months.

Despite being flashy, silk satin duvet cover sets are not preferred because they have a slick and delicate structure and use difficulties.

For summer months, it will be appropriate to choose bedding sets made of thin and moisture-absorbing fabrics.
Cotton fabrics show shrinkage when washed at high temperatures. In addition, high heat causes the fabric to wear out. In general, the ideal washing temperature is 40 degrees. Washing instructions on the product must be followed.

The duvet cover set should be made of quality material, not to fade, rather than being in fashionable colors.
Easily cleanable colors should be preferred for bedding sets to be used continuously. Avoiding excessive floral and written patterns will be appropriate.

When buying a duvet cover, pillow and quilt sizes must be taken into consideration.

It is a great advantage that the bed linen of the duvet cover is rubberized. Lack of bedding provides convenience in terms of use.

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