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How to choose a good Bed?

In terms of spinal health, the most suitable bed is the beds that can provide the position where the least load is placed on the spine and discs. We need to maintain the normal posture that our spine maintains during the day, also during sleep.

Too soft, flexible or very hard mattresses do not maintain their normal posture after a certain period of time and force the spine and discs. Because the spine cannot maintain its normal posture, which is the least difficult, in very hard or soft beds.

There is no strict rule about choosing the right bed. There are many types of mattresses available, from the size of the mattress to the stiffness, from the fabric to the mattress type.

It cannot be said that every orthopedic bed is suitable for everyone. It is not entirely clear how long a mattress will be retained when it is first received and how long it will retain its quality and properties, and how long it needs to be replaced.
The bed dimensions must be at least 20 cm longer than the height of the person and the bed width must be at least 95 cm for the person.

The mattress should not be too hard or too soft. Medium hardness should be chosen.

Information should be obtained from the company on how long the bed sponges and springs will lose their flexibility.

What is Spring-Packed Spring Mattress and Sponge Mattress?

Mattresses consisting of springs of the main filling material of the mattress, using steel spring mechanism to provide support and flexibility to the body, are called spring or package spring mattresses. In the most common system available, springs made of steel are attached to a steel top layer called the carcass. Apart from this steel structure, sponge, fiber, etc. filling pads and support sponges called wedges are used to prevent deformation inside. In foam mattresses, the main filling material is foam plates of different densities. The outermost of the beds is covered with a layer of mattress fabric and soft fiber called quilting.

The beds produced in this system are economical. As the support sponges placed in spring mattresses to prevent deformation between the springs are increased, the hardness of the mattress increases. The misconception that orthopedics increase as the bed hardens is due to this.

In foam mattresses, the durability of the mattress is directly proportional to the density of the filling foam.

The system, in which steel springs, which are softer and more flexible, are placed in small packages and used in the mattress, is called spring mattresses. The springs are softer and more flexible in this system. In addition, it is more ergonomic than spring mattresses because it provides independent spring. In addition, extra body support and flexibility can be provided to different points of the body, such as waist, neck, back and hips, using a different hardness package spring (zoned package spring).

What to look for when buying a spring mattress or foam mattress?

Note that the concepts such as soft orthopedic, semi-orthopedic, full orthopedic, which are frequently encountered in the beds, actually indicate the durability of the mattress rather than its ergonomics. Providing extra softness in any type of bed with new filling layers may confuse you. Hard mattress does not mean orthopedic mattress. Package spring mattresses offer different ergonomics compared to spring mattresses because they apply different amounts of pressure to different parts of the body. But spring mattresses are always more economical than package springs. Sponge beds, on the other hand, are more durable and long-lasting in proportion to the density of the used foam foam.

A smart bed with viscoelastic properties?

The most important feature that separates the viscoelastic smart beds from the package spring mattresses is that space technology is used. Pressure reducing viscoelastic material, which is considered as space technology, was first discovered and used by NASA to reduce the pressure that astronauts are exposed to during space travel. Viscoelastic Smart Beds (memory foam) developed by using this technology in bed; It appeals especially to those who are looking for a whole in terms of health, comfort and convenience.

Viscoelastic material used in the upper part of the smart beds has a pressure reducing feature. As soon as the memory cells in its content come into contact with the body, it starts to move depending on heat and weight. This movement continues until the bed becomes ergonomic according to the shape and structure of the body. It is named as SMART BED with its memory feature providing pressure reducing effect. SMART BEDS that adapt to the body fully reduce the pressure on the body and prepare the ground for healthy blood circulation. It reduces unwanted rolling movements in the bed and improves sleep quality.

What to consider when buying Visco elastic mattress?

In viscoelastic materials produced with two different techniques with closed cell and open cell technique, open celled ones should be preferred since they are sensitive to body temperature and pressure. For perfect support, it should be noted that viscoelastic material is produced in ideal densities (75-85-100 Above Kg / m3) according to weight and different preferences, and whether the bed where the material is used also has a special cut support layer for intense air permeability.

As a result, it can be said that; At the point where the technology comes, unlike other productions, thanks to its open cell structure, the beds that use viscoelastic material sensitive to body temperature and pressure are able to react according to their body features, that is, they are smart. Viscoelastic Smart Beds seem to take precedence over spring, package spring or foam mattresses because they provide personalized comfort, offer a better sleep experience and minimize the back pressure applied to the body during sleep. However, it is even harder for us to limit the innovations in sleep technology and sleep solutions and to determine the mattress that offers the most appropriate support.

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