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How to choose a good Barbecue?

Although there are many different types of barbecue with technology, they have never been able to give the flavor of charcoal barbecue. Therefore, the location of charcoal grills has always been separate. Charcoal grills are the most suitable grills in terms of price and performance.

If you can adjust the good fire even if it is hard, the best barbecue grill is charcoal brazier. But if you don’t have a barbecue chimney, you can have a hard time especially in windy weather. Thanks to the lava stones used instead of coal in scuba grills, you can even enjoy a barbecue on your balcony. Meat placed on the grill is not directly exposed to gas since it is cooked thanks to the heated lava stones. The electric grill is suitable for indoor use. We recommend that you do not wait for the real barbecue taste. The electric barbecue differs from the others with its water reservoir. In this way, the flavor of the food cooked is different, and since the oils are not burned, it does not produce smoke and smell.

When purchasing a barbecue, it is useful to choose the ones with bottom ventilation. In order not to burst around, it is necessary to choose from the ones with chimneys.

When buying a barbecue, prefer casting. Because cast iron heats up more than steel. We do not want to lose our barbecue heat as you will need high heat especially in thick steaks. But remember, not every flesh does not want high fever. If you want to make a difference when burning a barbecue, after burning the coal, put a piece of trees that shed leaves in the winter. This gives the aroma of meat. If you cut off the branches of oak, the smoke it will produce gives both flavor and color. For example, cherry tree makes meat red. Pear tree, apple tree gives great scent. Meanwhile, attention to the wind; While burning the brazier, you need to take advantage of the wind and then protect it. Namely; If we are burning a half-closed (funnel or chimney) barbecue, let’s turn the mouth of the barbecue in the direction where the wind comes to make the fire beautiful. Thus, we do not have to create wind as if we were breaking our arm with cardboard or plastic fans. Then, when we start cooking the meat, we must turn it in the opposite direction and protect the barbeque from the wind. In this way, it prevents the ashes from blowing up and sticking to the meat, as well as protecting our embers heat.

If you prefer a charcoal brazier, the size of the charcoal container is important. We recommend you to buy a high capacity product for crowded barbecues. Buying a barbecue with a lid will spread your barbecue pleasure for long hours and keep your cooking warm during this time.

If you are going to change the place of your barbecue from time to time, it is better to choose a model with wheels. This preference is especially valid for charcoal brazers since the location of the brazier must be changed depending on the wind.

You can use a quality charcoal brazier for years without spare parts or maintenance. The biggest disadvantage of charcoal barbecues over gas or electric barbecues is the preparation time of the barbecue. However, thanks to the “Coal Burning System” barbecues developed by Grillmate, this is no longer a problem. In this way, you will be able to experience the flavor of charcoal barbecue and the practicality of scuba barbecue at the same time. Another issue is the time taken to heat the barbecue. Charcoal brazier warms up late, but they are stronger than both gas and electric brazier. This situation creates a distinctive flavor difference in your food. Scuba Mangals There is a lot of scuba mangals on the market. The difference of scuba grill from charcoal grill is its practicality. Scuba barbecues are easy to use and heat up quickly, but this warming is not as strong as a charcoal brazier. Scuba barbecue is sold in a wide range of prices in the market.

Some of them are made with lava stone and some of them are without lava stone. The heat holding capacity of the lava stone is extremely important when buying lava stone barbecues. Cooking your meals in lava stones with low heat holding capacity is a complete grind. Even if the shape is the same for the tube grills that offer a wide price range, the quality differs greatly. If you do not want a barbecue that you use and throw in a year, you need to pay attention to this. Spare parts supply is extremely important for high quality tube grills. Check the availability and prices of the spare parts of the barbecues you bought for a few thousand liras. Although these barbecues are practical, they require annual maintenance. Electric Mangals Usually used for those who do not have a place to put charcoal or a tube barbecue, or those who do not prefer to barbecue with smoke. It can be used in places with small balconies such as apartments. In terms of flavor, although it is not fully satisfied, it will help you get the closest result to the meat flavor cooked in barbecue. The point you need to pay attention to when buying these barbecues is the wattage of the barbecue. Although its price is affordable, a powerless electric brazier will be cruelty for you and you will never look at your face after a few uses. If your decision is to be an electric brazier, you can use it for many years.

If your decision will be an electric brazier, choose high watt models for many years to use it. Also, make sure that the power outlet you are using will remove the power of the barbecue.

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