Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to choose a good Back Cushion?

Our recommendation is 48 densities, even if the softness or hardness varies according to the person. While very soft pillows are crushed on your back, hard pillows are far from taking the shape of the waist and supporting them. However, the lumbar support pillow you use at home or in the office should support your back. The sponge or polyurethane waist pads available on the market, unfortunately, are either crushed on your back or are so hard that they make you feel like you have a board behind you. For this reason, the lumbar support pillow should be made of visco material. 100% Visco lumbar support pillows are neither too hard nor too soft, they fill the voids of your waist. It supports your correct posture and helps to reduce back and back pain.

Since the waist pillow will touch your back and cover a large area, it should definitely breathe. The use of micro-cell Visco fillers greatly reduces the sweating problem, of course, in normal weather, we sweat where we stand above 30 degrees. With the open-cell visco-padded waist pillow, the fabric of the cover should definitely breathe for the best fight against sweating. It can be cotton or polyester, the important thing is that it expels perspiration. World-famous sports brands prefer polyester for DRY, dry keeping t-shirts and sports equipment. Our recommendation is micro polyester. It is much more expensive than normal cotton fabric, but durable and breathable fabric. It passes the air. So you do not sweat, the water vapor is easily expelled. Micro polyester fabrics are long lasting. It is resistant to friction. You use it for years and it is as smooth as the first day. Moreover, if there is a lycra mixture, it stretches easily, allowing you to get the best benefit of Visco Waist pillow filling.

Although the subject of size varies according to the person, we can say that the average size is suitable for many people. You can choose a large waist pillow, this will increase your comfort and convenience. Of course, comfort in the office is very important, but a large waist pillow is often not visually pleasing. However, for people over a certain weight, the average size back cushion may not have much effect. Our recommendation is that those over 85 Kg prefer a large waist pillow, for the rest, standard waist pillows will be sufficient.

When used in patients with lordosis, it is not recommended because it increases the disease. If those with this condition use it, they may have more serious illnesses and pains in the future. It is useful to exercise instead.

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