Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How you should choose a baby bottle?

There are many kinds of bottles. Bottles have plastic and glass ones. Although it is a matter of preference, it is necessary to know the positive and negative aspects of these bottles.

Glass feeding bottles offer many advantages to users. Glass feeding bottles are more preferred in terms of health. Glass feeding bottles do not allow the germs to multiply. As it is temperature resistant, no effects such as melting are seen. Microbes are easier to destroy. The most negative aspect of the glass bottle is the possibility of breaking when it falls. It may fall and break, and pieces of glass can harm both you and your baby. In addition, glass bottles are difficult to hold babies because they are heavy. Plastic feeding bottles are lighter than glass feeding bottles. It does not break easily. The negative side of plastic bottles is that it causes the germs to multiply more easily when they see the temperature. Therefore, cleaning of plastic bottles should be more careful than glass bottles.

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