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What should be considered when buying a car?

Tricks to be considered when buying a vehicle

* Always go to the car in the daytime!

* A rain-free weather will make your job easier.

* If possible, choose to go to where the car spent the night, this will show you the problems in the first run.

* Take enough time for control, do not be in a hurry

* Do the test drive along a wall with a speed of 20-50 kilometers, if possible, The sound that is echoed from the wall will help you hear unusual noises. If you have a vehicle, you can test this control with your own car and train your ear.

* If you have made an appointment with the dealer, go 15 minutes ago and you will see the preparation for the car. Take a friend who will help you if possible. Outside appearance – bonnet

* Try to see rust, rot and paint mistakes by walking around the car, it is possible to repair even a car that is heavily damaged. However, perfect repair is not always possible.

* Look at the car from both sides, the reflections on the car must follow an uninterrupted line without disturbances. An automobile that has not been repaired, the laths follow a straight line, and the reflections on the paint are not smooth. A car that has been repaired; the reflections on the bonnet are not smooth.

* Pay attention to the upper and lower gaps between the door and the fender of the car.

* There should be no difference between the upper and lower gaps.

* Review the window edge and the door openers / locks; Try to find paint bugs or paint residue on rubber / metal parts, these marks show that the car has been repainted.

* Open the doors and look for paint marks on the inside edges of the door, such as lock assembly, electrical wiring door wick. Open the bonnet and look for traces of paint stripping or displacement at the edge of the bolt on the hood hinges. Look at the fenders for the rust under the sill.

* Stick your magnet to different parts of the car (especially the corners and roof); If the magnet shows different gravitational force, it indicates that there is a layer of putty under the paint and the vehicle has entered the anarchy. All of them (front rear pairs) must be the same make and model.

* Look at the car from the outside, there is a problem with the suspension system if it is tilted front-to-back or left and right on a flat surface. Engine (When Not Working)

* Open the bonnet without starting the engine and look carefully at the engine and wiring harnesses. Check for oil leaks and taped cables afterwards, then taped cables point to the repairs made well.

* Open the oil cap and try to see inside with your flashlight. It should be clean.

* Pull the dipstick and check the color of the oil on the tip. If the oil is new, it is not important that it is dark yellow. Crush the oil on the tip of the stick between your fingers and try to feel if there are very small pieces of metal in it; If you feel metal parts, the condition of the engine is not healthy.

* Check the engine belts and the water level. To do this, you will need to open the radiator cap. In these conditions, make sure that the engine is cold; hot water can cause burns. Engine (Running)

* Start the engine; Check for easy operation, run for 3-5 minutes without pressing the gas, while listening to unusual sounds. Then give half a gas for 1 minute and look at the color of the exhaust gas;

* The blue gas indicates that the engine is burning oil and must be repaired (this can be eliminated by the seller by putting a more dense engine oil number 30 or adding an engine additive, but in this case, too. spark plug control will tell you the truth.)

* Black smoke indicates that the engine is consuming more fuel than necessary; The engine and fuel system are neglected.

* Dense white smoke indicates that water is mixed in the cylinders, the engine should be opened.

* If the engine is cold, a small amount of white smoke and some water drip is normal. Because some water is formed by the burning of gasoline anyway.

* Check whether the engine is shaking above normal when idling when the engine is warming up. If it is shaking, irregular ignition or fuel cuts occur. Ignition system or fuel system maintenance is required.

* Listen to the sound from the exhaust when you gas the engine, try to detect the blast muffler or exhaust leaks. Driving test

* Install 1st gear and try to move the car slowly without releasing the parking brake. If the car moves then the parking brake is not working. If it does not move, lower the parking brake and move. If there is an unusual jerk, there is a problem with your clutch.

* Before moving the car, check whether the brakes are working slowly and slowly while in 1st gear before accelerating. If it is not working, try to stop with the handbrake.

* Drive the car and try to listen to the sound as specified, try to detect sounds such as unusual knock, squeak, click.

* Find a place where you can turn 180 degrees at a time and listen to the sound coming from the axles while turning. clicks will turn while turning, these clicks will be cut when the car is leveled. When driving on a straight line, if the steering wheel is not straight, a rod adjustment is required. If the car and steering wheel vibrate when you accelerate on a smooth road, the tires are out of balance, the balance is required. Similarly, if you accelerate, the car is turning left and right and you have difficulty controlling the steering wheel, one of the rear tires may be lowered or there is a problem with the front set (tie rod and ball joints, axles, swing bushings).

Do not buy a car with bad rot and balancing settings without having these settings, and in many cases a bad part is caused by adjustment distortions. Today, there are direct gasoline injection engines called TSI – GDI, which is a complex of diesel and gasoline vehicles that consume very little in gasoline vehicles. very close to the vehicle. now the cost when selecting our people, should be taken into account lifetime.


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