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What you need to know about Reversing Cameras?

How to choose a reversing camera?

 Blind spots are an important topic in safe car use. If your car does not have the necessary equipment, there are also solutions that you can apply later to get rid of blind spots. In this article, we will give information about the selection of reversing camera.

 For many drivers, reversing is the most annoying part of driving. No matter how much you set your mirrors at the right angle, you cannot completely see the blind spots. When parking, these blind spots can cause trouble, especially in tight spaces. In most of the recently launched cars, reversing / parking cameras and sensors are offered as standard equipment. However, if you have a vintage car or a car equipped with a base, you can fix the problem by installing a rear view camera.

 Screen types stand out

 There are two most important parts of the rear view camera. One is the camera itself, and the other is the screen where the image will be projected. In the rear view camera kits on the market, the screen is sold as a camera and sensor kit. In some, only the camera is sold. In this case you have to take the screen yourself.

 Also, if you want to buy a screen, you can find 3 types.

 Standard screen

 If there is already a screen on your car as factory equipment, you can reflect the image on this screen by purchasing from the cameras produced specifically for your car model.

 Screened multimedia systems

 If you bought your car with some equipment or if you own a vintage car, this solution is for you. The point you need to pay attention to in multimedia systems with displays is whether this system supports reversing cameras. It is very nice if you can find a supporting model. Because you will have both a rear view camera and an in-car multimedia system at the same time.

 Screened mirrors or external monitors

 You may have recently observed that the rear view mirrors also function as monitors in the market or in taxis. The quality of the small monitors is good enough to park your car. You can also install tablet-like monitors on the center console later. In addition, camera input can be available on external navigation devices.

 Rear view camera

 A simple rear view camera system is like this. This system also needs a monitor.

How to choose a reversing camera?

 You need to look for two features that are important in choosing a rear view camera.

 Be small

Weather resistant

The two features above must be found on the camera you are looking for. Let’s move on to other features.

 Rear view camera sensor feature

 CCD or CMOS sensors are the technology that determines how the rear view camera images are transferred to the monitor. CCD is analog and CMOS is digital.

 CMOS sensors consume less energy and perform better in the dark. With CCD sensors, it can easily adapt itself to changing light conditions. You can decide on the sensor selection according to your automobile usage habit.

 Parking line aids

 If you’re a driver trying to park just by looking at the rear view camera, the parking assist lines are for you. These lines will assist you in how to make parking maneuvers relative to the surrounding objects and other cars. When purchasing a reversing camera, you should make sure that this feature is available. This feature can also be on some monitors. It is useful to keep this in mind when buying a rear view camera system.

 The most important criterion of reversing cameras: Angle of view

 The angles of the reversing cameras you can find on the market are wide enough to help you park and overcome blind spots. In some models you can even find 190 degrees. The wider the angle of the rear view camera, the more space you can see. So you can park more easily. Buying a wide-angle camera will help you.

 Dark performance

 In some reversing camera systems, you can see the phrase “minimum Lux value”. The lower the camera’s lux value, the better it will see in the dark. The lux value indicates how sensitive the lens of the camera is to light.

 Camera mounting location

 Rear view cameras can now even be placed on license plates. However, there are also those commonly located in the license plate light zone, under the bumper or in many different positions. You need to research the type that best suits your car.

What is Multimedia System?

 In our vehicles, it includes devices that have features such as radio, cd player in the middle chest and in-car sound system.

 External multimedia systems sold on the market.

 It starts with two sub-categories suitable for the structure of your vehicle, which is divided into double din or single din. Common opeating systems of devices suitable for your vehicle,

 Windows CE (Compact Edition)

Android OS

 Windows CE Operating system multimedia devices

 These devices are generally available in the market with low processor speeds and low ram sizes. Installing applications is not possible for most. The music and video formats it runs are limited. It is more stable than Android multimedia systems.

 Android OS Operating system multimedia devices

 These devices work like classic android tablets. Almost all of the products on the market are variations of devices produced by brands such as Joying, Klyde. They are Rockchip processors and the best are devices with 2.0 – 2.2 Mhz speeds and 4 GB RAM. If you cannot tolerate situations such as stuck, I recommend you to evaluate the versions with windows ce. It has richer content than Windows CE. The application can be installed. Ex. You can install multiple navigation applications and use Spotify for your music.

 Android Multimedia devices continue with the code names MTCA, MTCB, MTCC, MTCD respectively. MTCA can be updated up to Android 4. MTCB can be updated to Android 5, MTCC Android 6 (7 with Custom Rom) and MTCD to Android 7 (Update may come 8). As it continues in alphabetical order, each can be considered the upper model of the previous one.

Unfortunately, there is not much option when you decide to get android multimedia system. No matter how the outside looks, the hardware is the same. Both systems have many features such as reversing camera and dvi camera. Find out if you have steering control support when purchasing.

 In general, the material quality of these devices made in China is not very good. This includes the microphone. If you have some electronic information when you buy the device, you can try ways to improve the sound quality by searching the internet.

With the multimedia system, a built-in amplifier with mostly 45 × 4 Watt output will be available. Most vehicles have a 25 × 4 Watt amp and a matching speaker installation. Therefore, you can also improve your sound quality by changing your speakers.

 If you are going to buy an android multimedia device, definitely consider doing a few tweaks in the operating system. You can speed up your device and gain extra features. In addition, with the Viper4Android application, you can capture exceptional sound quality.

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