Friday, March 5, 2021

What should be considered when buying air tickets?

1-Is the airline safe?

Why are the companies that fly on the same route and have the same ticket conditions, while one is so cheap and the other is expensive? Have you ever thought ? Even though it is just called “Plane”, the ages of the aircraft of many airline companies are the most important criteria. Most quality airlines want to keep their entire fleet as young as possible.
This is reflected in the prices as E. So, don’t just buy a flight ticket saying “It was cheap.” Always consider the quality of the planes of the company you will fly to. ”All of them are planes. It goes to the same place! ”Is a very wrong thought. Unfortunately, his flight ends before some of them can go to the same place…

2-Did you buy a ticket to the correct airport?

While looking at the ticket prices, there may be 2 different airports in the same city. Sometimes this can even be 4. For example, let’s say you bought tickets to Sabiha Gökçen Airport instead of Atatürk Airport. It will probably be cheaper than Atatürk Airport.
But if you don’t realize it and accidentally go to Ataturk Airport, that very likely plane will escape. I wanted to warn you that I have witnessed this situation many times. It is a mistake made especially in big metropolises.

3-What are the conditions of the airfare you bought?

Many airlines do not include services such as check-in, baggage handling and catering services in order to reduce costs. For example, you can buy cheap flight tickets from Ryanair, one of the cheapest airline companies in Europe, even for 1 Euro.
But as soon as you arrive at the airport and deliver your luggage, they will probably request the world’s money. Because baggage and check-in services are probably not included in the ticket you purchased. Never go to the airport without reading these terms. Don’t even buy air tickets.

4-What happens if you enter the names on your flight ticket wrong?

First of all, you should know that the flight tickets you purchase can never be transferred to another person. To prevent this, the subject of name and surname is known as one of the most sensitive points. In fact, due to minor errors, many of us can use the wrong letters when buying air tickets.

For example, “i” instead of “i” or “ş” instead of “s”. If such minor problems will not completely change the meaning of the name or surname, there is no problem. But if the name changes completely, it is absolutely necessary to contact customer service. Otherwise, they have the right not to take you on the plane.

5- What exactly does PNR do? Is there any difference from the ticket number?

PNR, known as “Passenger Name Record”, is the name record where you can see the record of the flight ticket you have purchased in the system. Sometimes, 1 PNR number can belong to more than one person. For example, if 3-4 people bought tickets together, the information of these 3-4 people can be reached with a single PNR number.

You can do your check-in with this PNR number, especially before you check-in. But the Flight Ticket Number is created one by one.

In other words, each passenger’s flight ticket number is unique. Especially after your plane ticketing processes are completed, after checking your PNR number and the existence of your plane ticket number, I would definitely register somewhere to make your check-in procedures 24-48 hours before your flight.

Because, for the passengers who do check-in, many airline companies open a separate counter and help you quickly handle your baggage.

Bonus: What is online check in? What does it do?

Online check-in is the process of choosing your seat before the flight. As you know, in most tickets, the seat number is not written. When your flight stays for 24-48 hours, then you have the right to choose a seat on the plane.

Therefore, you should take ownership of the seat on the plane online, after online check-in.
Now that seat is yours and when you go to the airport, you can usually deliver your existing baggage at check-in counters after 45 minutes on domestic flights and 1 hour on international flights.

I recommend it to you: You must do your online check-in. Believe me, you will see the wonderful benefits. Even if you do not have luggage, you can take the plane with a barcode directly to your phone. What more?


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