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How to choose a good Air Conditioner?

What Should I Pay Attention While Buying Air Conditioner?

There are many different points to consider when purchasing air conditioners.

These electronic items, which keep our home and office cool in summer and warm in winter, are among our first choices with their moisture absorption feature. Air conditioners, which are a must for those who spend most of the day in closed areas, are divided into types according to your environment and needs.

Air conditioners have basic features such as heating, cooling, humidity control and air exchange. It is very important to determine your needs before purchasing the air conditioner. The size of the space you will use in the selection of air conditioners, the number of people to be in the room, the number of electronic equipment available, the region you live in, the location of your windows are also important. For small spaces, you need to choose smaller air conditioners and larger air conditioner models as the space increases.
Air Conditioning Types

We can generally divide the air conditioners into four groups.

Wall Type Air Conditioner

These electronic items, also known as split – home air conditioners, draw air in the place they are in for cooling and heating, and blow hot or cold air. Since they are mounted on the wall, they do not take up much space. Wall-mounted air conditioners generally operate very quietly and do not cause noise pollution in the places used.

Hall Type Air Conditioner

The indoor unit of these air conditioners, which you can choose for larger spaces, stands and are not mounted on the wall. They have a very powerful fan so they can quickly cool very large environments.

Mobile Air Conditioner

These air conditioners, which can be used for smaller areas, can be moved to different areas of the house – office. These electronic items, also known as mobile air conditioners, are preferred for temporary heating and cooling problems. These portable items are especially favorite for families with babies, those who do not want to use fixed air conditioners because they are tenants and do not want to buy separate air conditioners for the summer house.

Duct type air conditioner

They are units that provide silent and high air circulation. They are preferred in large areas such as workshops, stores, shopping malls and workplaces. Along with high efficiency, they are air conditioners that operate silently and invisibly.
It is important that you know them!
After deciding which type of air conditioner to choose, you need to pay attention to energy efficiency, the filter used and the BTU value.

Air conditioners have four energy classes: A, A +, A ++ and A +++. Air conditioners with high energy efficiency cool more and consume less energy. An A +++ energy class device provides an average 40 percent higher efficiency in cooling operation than an ordinary A ++ class device.
BTU is the unit that shows the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. The higher the BTU value of an air conditioner, the higher the cooling capacity of that air conditioner.

How is BTU Calculated for Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners are produced in different capacities for different width areas and therefore you need to calculate the area where the air conditioner will be installed.

For your opinion, you can use the formula below to calculate BTU.

Cooling demand (Btu / h) = Turkey Region Coefficient (395 for the Marmara region) x square meters of space to be cooled.

The average heat emitted by a person in the environment is 600 BTU / h. d.
Marmara Region, a family of 3, to calculate an area of ​​18 square meters;
385 x 18 = 6930

600 x 3 (number of people) = 1800

Cooling requirement (Btu / h); 6930 + 1800 = 8730

In line with this result, you can choose an air conditioner worth 1100 BTU.

If there are heat sources such as television, computer, satellite receiver, modem in the environment where you will use the air conditioner, it is useful to consider these factors and add them to your calculation. For example, the average heat emitted by a computer is 400 BTU / h. d.
Keep in Mind;

If you want your air conditioner to work even quieter, you can choose models with silent mode feature by paying attention to dbA value when purchasing air conditioners.

In order to reach the ideal temperature and save energy, we do not ventilate the rooms where the air conditioner is located. For this reason, I also recommend you to pay attention to the filtering system used in the air conditioner.
Ceiling fans, which are a supportive cooling, are also preferred in homes where air conditioning is used. The ceiling fan is also functional to distribute hot or cold air emitted by the air conditioner throughout the house.

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