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How to choose a good action camera?

A camera used in Xtreme sports must be as shock resistant as possible. Apart from that, you need image stabilization and high FPS values. On the other hand, if you are only going to use a camera for Vlog, you can choose more suitable models.

Resolution and FPS are important

One of the most important things to be aware of when buying an action camera is natural resolution. The choices you make over Full HD or Ultra HD (4K) should be completely related to the purpose of purchasing your camera.

If you are going to use the camera during your outdoor sports or trips, you will be able to capture all the details around you in the finest detail thanks to a 4K camera. But if the prices of 4K cameras are too high for you, you have to make your choice in this direction. Of course, the quality of the images you will capture will not be the same, but at least you will make a more affordable choice.

In FPS, 30 FPS will be enough for you in Vlog shooting, but the job will change during Xtreme sports, nature trips and other outdoor activities. A camera that shoots 120 FPS will help you capture much better detail. If not, we say don’t fall below 60 FPS.

Additional features are important when buying an action camera

You want an action camera. You found the brand you want, the FPS value, the resolution. Everything is ready for shooting. But what about additional features?

One of the decisive things when buying an action camera is the additional features. You may want the camera you want to buy to take pictures at the same time. It may be necessary to use image stabilization to ensure that your shots are not shaken too much. Maybe you want to see the image on another mobile device at the same time.

Anti Vibration

Also referred to as image stabilization; There is a technology that ensures that the photos or videos taken with the camera are recorded as clearly as possible. We now have machines that shoot much better quality than the first examples of action cameras. This feature can be used for both photo and video shooting.

Anti-vibration, which is necessary when shooting videos, requires a slightly more capable camera. The quality of the hardware used in the action camera is evident in the successful performance of this process.

Two methods are used to stabilize the image in video shooting: One of them is gyro anti-vibration, which detects the position of the device and adjusts the video recording accordingly; the other is optical anti-vibration. While gyro-supported devices try to keep the image stable electronically or in software, optical corrections are physically based on the movement of the lenses. Most action cameras at $ 100 and above use one of these two anti-vibration technologies.

No matter how advanced the technology in this field is, the clarity of the videos increases in more stable sports, and vibration is inevitable in situations such as mountain biking in constant motion.

Besides the camera’s own anti-vibration feature, there are also external solutions. Thanks to these devices called gimbals, successful images can be obtained even in action-filled scenes. There are many models of these devices. It would be a good choice for those who want to take more professional shots to obtain one of these devices.

Voice Recording in Action Cameras

Considering that the area where these cameras shoot the most is outdoor environments, the wind noise may reach disturbing dimensions. Companies have started to produce two-microphone devices in order to use the stereo technology applied in speaker systems to prevent this situation. These dual microphones inside the cameras work together to prevent unwanted sounds such as wind noise.

Remote Control Support

Action cameras that can be controlled by phone or smart watches make shooting work easier. Operations such as starting and stopping recording can be performed without the need to touch the action camera on devices fixed on a helmet or when recording from a certain distance. Some cameras come with a remote control unit. Camera control is possible through these devices.
Some cameras that can detect simple voice commands; It uses these commands to start recording, stop, take pictures and shut down the device. The biggest handicap of voice control takes place in shots with high ambient sound. When you are near a waterfall or while rafting, it becomes very difficult to use the voice control feature due to external sounds.

Touch Screens

Most action cameras for around $ 100 come with a touchscreen. These screens are very useful when using the camera features and checking the captured photos or videos. Factors such as the quality of the screen, whether it has sufficient brightness under light, touch sensitivity, vary from camera to camera. Models with a slightly higher price show more successful works in display technologies.

It is necessary to remember that touch screens in action cameras that will be used with waterproof cases or containers are often non-functional. It will be helpful for you to decide whether such features are necessary for you based on your intended use and manner.

Other Features to Consider

People who use social media frequently can turn to cameras where they can broadcast videos live. Live streaming supported action cameras allow you to instantly share your videos on social media.

Waterproof covers play a life-saving role if shooting in snow, rain, mud or underwater. While 30 m water resistance is sufficient when shooting in splashes or light rain, an action camera with 45 m water resistance would be the smarter choice for divers.

As there are many models, battery types and capacities are also quite diverse. It is necessary to turn to a device that can meet your needs in choosing an action camera, taking into account the time to shoot. If necessary, the charging problem can be overcome by carrying a full spare battery.

Action cameras are offered in a wide range from HD resolution to 4K resolution. Although some cameras have the word 4K on them, it should be noted that some of these devices do not offer true 4K support. It should be kept in mind that these devices, which offer 4K support with software, cannot fully capture the real 4K image quality.

Action cameras support many accessories. Many products such as covers, external microphones, data transmission cables, and chargers can be used in action cameras. Fasteners for use on bicycles or helmets; Waterproof containers are used for underwater use.

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